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Scrap the constitution and let the majority decide: Manyi

Scrap the constitution and let the majority decide: Manyi

President of the Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) and former senior government official Mzwanele “Jimmy” Manyi says that the South African government should consider scrapping the country’s constitution and moving to a different form of governance led by a Parliamentary majority.

Speaking after the PPF’s national executive committee meeting at the weekend, Manyi said that South Africa’s current Constitutional Democracy was not the ruling ANC’s idea, but was rather forced on the country by the previous government to ensure the country’s new leaders could not make the necessary structural changes to uplift the poor.

According to a report by IOL, Manyi was quoted as saying that a constitutional democracy was producing the “spiralling poverty and inequality” the country has seen, as sections of the constitution are brought up to defend institutions and policies that work against the country’s poorest (such as labour brokers).

Manyi dismissed the notion that South Africa had ‘one of the best constitutions in the world’, saying that if it was so great, why aren’t more countries copying it.

He said that the PPF’s view was that ‘majoritarianism’ should be the base construct for democracy in South Africa – a political system where the majority is given primacy in society, and in effect make all the decisions – and that the current constitutional democracy should be debated.

“We are saying if constitutional democracy is better than majoritarianism, let’s have that discussion,” he said.

A majoritarian democracy would function similarly to how the ANC’s majority in Parliament currently pushes its motions through – however, without constitutional grounds for smaller parties and other groups to challenge these decisions.

South Africa’s constitution as we know it today was implemented in 1996, and has been amended 17 times since its implementation. It followed the country’s interim constitution which came into effect in 1993, after a stringent negotiation process between various political parties, led by the ANC.

The constitution has come into question many times since its implementation, and government officials, including the president himself, have in the past indicated that certain things in the document should be changed – often spurring panic.

The founding provision in section 1 of the constitution can be amended with the support of 75% of the members of the National Assembly (NA), while the rest of the constitution can be amended with the support of two thirds of the members of the NA.

An amendment to section 1, any provision in the Bill of Rights, and any provisions relating to provinces also requires the support of six of the nine provincial delegations to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP).

Currently, the ANC does not have even a two-thirds majority in Parliament, and thus would be unable to make any changes to South Africa’s constitution without wider political support or buy-in from other parties.

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  • James Dean

    In other words the ANC would like more elbow room to plunder.

  • NosySnoopy

    Really? Wow, how stupid can one person be? What then? Bye-bye whites and even more poor and starving blacks. And more rich ANC comrades, of course.

    • lerumo

      what would we ever do without our white saviors, hail hail hail

      • l0cal_user

        Silly whites and their ideas of equality, healthcare, education, science and wheels. Bah.

        • NosySnoopy

          ‘and wheels’ LOL!

        • Oom_Soutie

          I’m not so sure white people can claim the wheel…or really any of those things, from an “inventing” point of view. Humans have been developing all of these from before the races as they currently stand existed. If that makes any sense. Many major contributions to early education, healthcare, science, astronomy, etc. came from early North African and Middle Eastern cultures.

          • kevin

            BUT not South African -did’nt have a wheel or a clue until the horrible terrible white man with his clothes ,ships ,weapons and know how of building castles and grand houses ,roads planting fruit trees etc for the future ,always looking to the future and trying to make it better -still cannot believe that the blacks in this country immigrated from central Africa all the way down and not one of them had an idea to make their life better by inventing the wheel -i mean HEY the Romans and Egyptians were having chariot races almost 2000 years before our forefathers came to these shores

        • lerumo

          Those things were brought to the masses by a democratic black government not the white apartheid government and no need to thank us for the constitution too.

          • Lofty

            You bitterness blinds you.

          • Ubaba meet Baba

            Books are not your enemy.

          • NoNeedisBackAgain

            What? So blacks didn’t drive cars or use donkey drawn carriages, or wear clothes before 1994? Wait did you still hunt for your food then too? Wow, you are a special kind of stupid

      • Brian

        So you think it is a good idea?

      • Ubaba meet Baba

        You’ll have to actually create the opportunities for employment, not demand them.

  • Skerminkel

    Does he know that the stuff he inhales is still illegal? Or is that why he wants a totalitarian government?

    • ChrisG

      Spoiler: It’s the 2nd one.

  • Eddie Lennox

    And when the ANC loses the majority in Parly, he’ll want to change it back again.
    Dunning-Kruger is working overtime.

    • Chez

      Hahahah agreed!

    • yeah but he may not have the capacity to think this ….

  • victory

    Guptas saga show that u cannot do anything by yourself

  • FracturedButWhole

    So Mr Manyi, in your “majoritarian” view, who should be running the asylum?

  • RodneyVikens

    The ANC already scraped the constitution. The only time the constitution stands is when another party does something they don’t like.

  • Butch

    beyond belief – what a moron

  • nickVader

    Some people would say anything for a bit of airtime… Shame.

  • Charl van der Merwe

    hahaha, is the pesky constitution getting in the way of ANC looting?

    • JJ

      Well said…

  • Lupe

    lol sounds extremely convenient for the cadres’ pockets

  • lino_lupus

    Had he known the Guptas before and been employed by them as he is now, he would have come unscathed of his adventure of asking the Norwegian Ambassador for bribes and being fired afterwards……

  • Christo Booysen

    Is this a fake news headline? Huffing post tried the same thing this morning…

  • Riaan

    So now we know what he thinks about basic human rights.

  • Khalsa S

    I have long advocated that the SA constitution be discarded in favour of the US constitution pre-1913. That is without the 16th and 17th amendments, but with one of my own amendments…….that is, only taxpaying citizens are allowed to vote.

    • Alex Sutherland

      Every single person in south africa pays tax.. we call it vat… paye gets deducted from your salary because you earn more , .. please dont be dumb

      • Sennen Goroshi

        shhhhhhh don’t mention VAT some “tax payers” don’t think it’s tax.. lol

        • Eugene

          I like Demetri Martins’ quote, “When someone describes themselves as a taxpayer, they’re about to be an a$hole”

        • Zephyr

          Senne Goroshi you are mentioned on this Disqus channel:


          Please explain yourself.

          • Sennen Goroshi

            share link to the channel,

          • Zephyr

            Ren A is blaming you..

          • Zephyr


          • Zephyr

            Ren A

          • Sennen Goroshi

            Found the channel… following it now.. thnx

          • Zephyr

            Look at iolcomments – Ren A had it closed.

            Ren A is very much against you

          • Sennen Goroshi

            :-O what? are you serious? why?

          • Zephyr

            go to iolcomments and read the top comment. Ren’s emails are all there. Your name is mentioned.

          • Sennen Goroshi

            lol I just read through it.. lol I had no idea things were that craze hahaha I actually haven’t been on that channel in months until you just reminded me about it, been too occupied. Damn that was just weird to read. I’m unfollowing the other one.

          • Zephyr

            Make your profile private as Ren A is watching you.

      • Khalsa S

        VAT would be unconstitutional…….. for instance the US doesnt have VAT and some states dont even have GST.

        Furthermore, it takes a special type of Rtard to suggest that every South African pays VAT. Only consumers do, since VAT is a consumption tax.

        • Eugene

          45 states set their own sales tax rates on products. Believe me you do not want to live under the US tax regime, it is an absolute administrative nightmare

          Honestly the vast majority of South Africans are consumers of one sort of another so don’t just throw around that Rtard word so easily, its an easy mistake to make

          • Khalsa S

            There are very few (if any) countries with a simple administrative tax system. Taxation is designed to be as complex and confusing as possible. The bigger the government machine (welfare states) the more tax regulations you have.

            President Trump will be reducing the US tax rate…..Im hoping for a flat 16% tax for middle class to corporates, but let see. That would make the US a libertarian paradise.

            As for taxpayers…….its clear that whenever this term is used, it refers to people who pay federal income taxes.
            The vast majority of the RSA tax base is actually public service/welfare recipients…..meaning thats just recycling the taxes paid by private sector workers (producers of goods and services).

          • Eugene

            Thing is, since we are a unitary state and not a federated state like US, we have a much simpler tax regime.
            We get taxed at the “federal” level only, they get taxed on federal, state and county level, meaning filing for taxes has now become a $9 Billion industry, employing 300k people.

            Those on welfare can still ‘technically’ be called taxpayer, but I get the gist of your argument

          • Helderberg Helderberg

            Ons lewe in ZA en nie die US nie. Kom ons kyk na oplossing vir ons eie land se probleme. Jy gaan leer nie by jou buurman om jou huis-probleme op te los nie. Nog minder copy jy wat hy doen. So vergeet die US. Hul American Dream is nou in sy [email protected] met an Idiot aan die stuur van daai land.

          • Activ8

            Agreed !! I lived 5 years under the IRS’s jackboot… trust me, our tax is easier to understand and pay…much easier.

          • Brian

            That is correct. Every state has its own rate of tax.

        • Helderberg Helderberg

          Waar val jy nou weer uit..?? Wil.jy terug gaan na onderdrukking. Jou idee is ‘n geval van die wat het en kan bekostig wil besluit vir die wie nie het en nie kan bekostig. So los jou [email protected] redenasies.

          So kyk na vore en kom met oplossings hoe ons korrupsie en misdaad kan bekamp en verminder.

          • Jo

            Lerumo is a big supporter of the Zuptas. No way you are going to talk sense into his head.

      • Nictron

        I would actually support a flat VAT rate of 20% for all and the removal of income tax.

        The reasoning being that those that save can get the biggest benefit and eventually invest that money into value adding industries and those that earn more and are big spenders would usually contribute more to the budget.

        I would remove VAT from all essential food items to ensure that the poor are compensated for.

        • pieater

          The problem is that those of us who don’t pay income tax will save nothing and have to pay more VAT, so I vote “no”!

        • Helderberg Helderberg

          Atleast you have come forward with a suggestion than others just complaining and comparing our country with an (in sy [email protected]) America.

        • Jo

          Compensated for what?

      • Brad

        Well then. Only income tax paying peoples, forget vat.

      • Ubaba meet Baba

        That’s like saying everyone is gay because they have friends.

    • Brad

      Yea if everybody would be allowed to vote in this instance we would have to deal with JZ 4-8 years at a time. Could you imagine.

  • Whatdoyknow

    Another one with a huge hole in the head.

  • malevious

    In other words:The constitution stops us (cadres) from looting so let’s scrap it. Honour amongst thieves????????

  • Ga77a

    Maybe go learn about other ‘majoritarian democracies’ before opening your mouth. Such as the ‘democratic’ people’s republic of Korea.

  • Steven Seagull

    I’ve got an even better idea:
    Scrap the constitution and let the minority decide: Seagull

  • Jacques

    Just two letters come to mind for this idiot – FU!

  • Cheesy 3.0

    Democracy too challenging for you there Jimmy? The ANC has had 2 decades to uplift the poor, but that was too challenging too, so they uplifted themselves only.

    …my guess Jimmy-boy, is that you would do exactly the same.

  • chunk

    This Jimmy fool at it again. if we didn’t have JZ he would be the dumbest of them all.

  • Schrödinger’s Cat

    Aren’t drugs illegal ?

  • Chris Swanepoel

    I will leave the country immediately!

  • Eugene

    The Progressive Professionals Forum is the epitome of Orwellian double speak. Regressive, amateurish, and not interested in any debate on ideas and issues other than their own (hence not a forum)

  • Noel Naidoo

    When I read the headline , I thought he was talking about the public. I should have known better.

  • Robert Dixon

    Scrap Manyi and give us some relief from the BS!

  • Activ8

    Now they also want the key to the money box to fund the gravy train.. all in the name of “uplifting the poor” – If they really want to uplift the poor, they would cut down on Rmulti-million Xmas parties, travelling first class, Executive level cars for all levels of govt employees, grossly inflated tenders for “buddies and family” etc etc and to say nothing of multi-billion rand new Jets for the head honcho…

  • Wizzard

    Apparently four out of five people approve of gang rape. Isn’t majority rule a great idea?

  • CltrAltDelicious

    The Purge – Parliament Day

  • I think we do need amendments to the constitution but more on the lines of less power of choice in making appointments for the president and more accountability .. ie the party list system …needs a rethink .. Manyi is just being an ass … and he is paid to say this ..Im surprised the mainstream media think he is even newsworthy .. I dont think its even worth commenting on this BS…. just to say if this ever happened , the next thing that would go are elections.. Maybe he hasnt heard that Jesus made a whistlestop here in LGE 2016 and for all I know may be planning a longer trip in 2019

  • Oom_Soutie

    Please tell me this idiot is joking…

  • pieater

    Yet Manyi and the PPF are opposed to the FICA bill, even though it’s been passed by a parliamentary majority!

  • Guy Morel

    It’s going bananas up in here

  • Clipper

    What a total brainless idiot. Just because he has no clue of what democracy is, he wants to throw it out. The reason the poor are not being uplifted is because the anc is looting the money and government officials are buying cars, upgrading houses, giving each other massive increases, in some cases stealing the money through corrupt deals, not building houses and paying for them, and so on

  • Hennie

    He says it was forced on them by the previous government. I hate to remind him that this constitution was hammered out by the ANC while in exile with a couple of changes suggested by the previous government. One of the good things the ANC ever did was the constitution. Now it is too good for them. Their forefathers must be rolling in their graves.

  • Cliff Smith

    As my late father always said…. a bad workman always blames his tools. South Africa should have been well on it’s way to becoming the South Korea of Africa by now but for Mr Manyi’s ZUPTA/ANC buddies who, instead of working 24/7 on building a nation have consistently worked 24/7 on building their personal nett worth to the detriment of the people of South Africa.

    • Lacrimose Wolfe

      Work? No-one wants to do any work.

  • Frank Payne

    This character should be restrained from making any comment. It is embarrassing being confronted by the tripe he espouses.

  • Lynda Jones

    The Constitution we have is one of the best in the world. It is fair, unbiased and put together by experts in their field. Jimmy Manyi is power hungry and engaging in political posturing. No, the Constitution must be defended by all South Africans, vigorously! It is our protection against once again living under oppression. We did, after all, swap one nationalist government for another nationalist government (Google it).

  • Lacrimose Wolfe

    Oh well there are those stellar problem-solving skills yet again. Let’s attack the symptom because we don’t understand the cause

  • Brad

    Majority this, majority that. Majority shouldn’t be a deciding factor. The proposed idea, amendment, plan or budget should be passed or not passed based on its effectiveness, perceived benefit, and its potential to bring about a better South Africa as a whole. Majority… really? If he wants to better the problems of this country then lobby and reach out wherever you can, help get the DA elected. It’s simple, want change? Then vote for change. We need a new president for god sakes. Watch JZ speak… watch him not speak… does he instill any form of patriotism in you? (rhetorical question) but hey if he thinks this change will benefit our country then good for him

  • Michael

    The constitution has come into question many times because of corrupt scum lime Manyi, the BLF (Mngxitama), EFF or anc/zuma wanting direct access to the wealth for themselves without anyone having any means to stop it. can you imagine if these low lives manage to pull that off…

  • Corrupt_NUMBA 1

    an example that evolution has skipped some cadres

  • Kagiso

    We need a Guptatution. I understand now. Radical economic transformation can only be achieved when the country is out of money. Then we’ll be truly transformed. The Guptas are digging our graves for a small fee. Reasonable.

  • Brian

    Ha ha ha. Very funny. Does he think we are all stupid or just some of us? So he wants the ANC (for now) to have a free hand to do whatever they want without any checks and balances. Funny man! Scary thought. And when the ANC loses power who is the next despot that will come in with their authoritarian rule. That’s if the ANC ever loses power because they can simply change the voting rules ala Mugabe. That would be the final nail in the coffin of SA.

  • Michael

    Im so tired of hearing about another thief who wants to loot the country and wants to openly remove all obstacles while basing the statement on obvious lies. There’s the anc, eff, blf, guptas, scum like manyi and so many more. Never mind the openly racist anti white paid for accounts that are poping up everywhere.

    Level headed people who believe in peace and equality seriously need to stand up to this nonsense and say enough is enough. At least call out the racist trolls wherever we can without wasting too much time getting caught up in thier nonsense. We have to stop people from spreading this hatred.

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    Rather scrap the PPF which is just a racist club for corrupt amd useleas tenderpreneurs.

  • Thando_Gqabaza

    His proposal is a fancy way of saying “One Party State” – This guy is a Mampara

  • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

    So essentially, he wants the prison to be run by the rules the criminals decide on….

  • Discus

    whaty BS?? The “majority” decides nothing…they are threatened and told what to vote and so the ANC kleptocracy continues under CIC Zupta !

  • the-TRUTH

    Here is ann unashamed Gupta-Zuma puppet. Sies!!!
    #ANCMustFall in 2019 during national elections
    Let’s #VoteAgainstANC – #VoteOutANC in 2019

  • the-TRUTH

    No Manyi. We want electoral reform and then you will see that ANC can no longer be able to rig votes or buy votes

  • Ubaba meet Baba

    Jimmy, go back to sleep. You are so far out of your depth, you’re busy inadvertently booking your bunk in prison.
    Leave the important issues to the adults.

  • Jo

    This manyi dude definitely does not believe in any type of democracy or constitution. He forgets that national voting puts forward representatives for all the people, of which a representative number goes to parliament.
    He obviously wants the primitive tribal version of governing. The majority picks a king, and the king then picks all his chronies, such that there will never be any type of opposition.
    I would like to know where in Africa such regimes exist. Certainly it does not exist anywhere else in Europe, the Americas or India.
    The best example I know of is North Korea, where no-one in his/her right mind wants to live. Even though you are not confined to a cell, you are living in a country wide jail, with extreme autocratic laws which means you may be executed almost immediately, often without a trial, for very punitive speech.
    In effect, when the majority always have the last say, it always ends up in the boss king is the only one who decides about anything. No alternatives inputs allowed.

  • Lone Stranger

    So the ANC want to remove the only real law and order we have left? If this is an attempt on getting past the land grab restraints, they will have quite a had time.

  • John

    This guy is really dense, a few years back he said that there was a oversupply of coloureds in the Western Cape.

  • Juan Olivier

    Dit sal nou een reguit pad burger oorlog toe wees.

  • Joe Black

    Taking away minority voices from politics will not make this country a better place. Quite the contrary.

  • Anthony

    It would make much more sense to simply scrap Mangy Manyi…

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