5 strange jobs in South Africa that are surprisingly in demand

 ·6 Feb 2017

Jobs search engine Adzuna has listed five unusual skills that are currently being sought in South Africa, which may provide food for thought to young alternative career seekers.

Collecting online jobs from all over the South African internet landscape, Adzuna lists over 130,000 unique job listings in the country.

It noted that jobs cover a very wide selection of industries, since they originate from company websites, recruitment agency sites and job boards throughout SA.

Adzuna provides a list of five unusual jobs in demand in SA:


While this job title is foreign to many of us, the job itself is quite specialised. Phlebotomists are people who study in the medical field and are able to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, research and more.

Phlebotomists usually collect the blood samples by using a technique called venipuncture and use vials to transport the samples to where they need to go.

Adzuna said it had nine phlebotomist jobs listed around South Africa in January 2017.


People tend to think of butlers as expensive and posh, like those seen in films. However, they are also hired by hotels, casinos and private individuals. They are often referred to as ‘House Managers’ and sometimes manage other butlers as VIP Services Managers.

Over 40 butler jobs were recorded in January 2017 on adzuna.co.za.

Dog walker

While dog walking jobs are not uncommon, it is rare to find them among professional positions such as engineers and project managers. Adzuna said that a few such jobs were advertised and even searched for by job seekers.


Jobs for captains are not only confined to the sea, but are also very much a part of one of South Africa’s largest sectors – the mining industry.

Crew Captains lead teams, usually underground in the mines. A number of such positions were listed during January, together with a smattering of the sea-faring captain type positions available on the coast.

Mystery shopper

With over 100 Mystery Shopper positions listed, an average posted salary of R93,000 per annum, as well as no experience or qualifications necessary, this could just be the answer to someone who is out of work.

Throughout South African cities, mystery shoppers seem to be more in demand that one would think.

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