Here are the awesome perks offered at the best place to work in South Africa

The Top Employers Institute recently published its ranking of the top employers in South Africa for 2019.

The rankings recognise employers that provide excellent employee conditions, nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organisation, and which strive to continuously optimise employment practices.

The companies are then evaluated across nine key areas including: talent strategy, workforce planning, on-boarding, learning & development, performance management, leadership development, career & succession management, compensation & benefits, and culture.

Nestlé was named as the best place for South Africans to work in 2019 – as it stood out for ‘creating a flexible work environment’ and’ driving a better employee experience’.

Speaking to BusinessTech, Nestlé South Africa said that it was focused on creating a place where people want to work and are enabled to do their best work.

It noted that it also leverages various technologies and strategies which encompass a holistic approach to flexibility and wellbeing, through a variety of different work style arrangements.

Below it outlined how it stands out from other companies, as well as some of the awesome perks it offers.

Flexible working

Nestlé said that one of its key understandings is that ‘presence does not necessarily mean performance’.

“As such, office employees may choose to telecommute by working from the comfort of their homes leveraging on using appropriate technologies such as virtual/Skype meetings or instant messaging to connect with teams on a frequent, regular or as-needed basis,” it said.

“Employees may also choose to work remotely at any of our units other than their primary office and this can be done for a period ranging from a few days to months at a time depending on the reason for the arrangement.”

It added that the purpose of creating a flexible work environment is intended for employees and managers who want to explore the benefits of working flexibly to feel enabled to do so in a way that not only enhances their performance but caters for unique lifestyles.

“As such, we also cater facilities such as a 24 hour/7 days a week gym facility and daycare/crèche for employees with young children at Head Office (Bryanston) to feel the ease of knowing that the organisation makes a concerted effort to accommodate employee-work life balance,” it said.

“In the context of an intensifying global competition and growing business demands, Nestlé is constantly searching for alternative strategies to attract employees; to keep them highly motivated and engaged.

“We understand that a ‘one size does not fit all’ approach does not always work which is why we create guidelines/frameworks for employees and managers to explore flexible working initiatives on the basis of trust and open dialogue within teams.”

It added that because is a global company, it already incorporates virtual teams across different geographical areas to drive various key projects for the organisation,

“For this reason, our employees in South Africa are able to collaborate and learn international best practices without travelling overseas – this has reduced our cash-spend on international travel,” it said.

Unusual perks

While Nestlé South Africa’s flexible working system is a highlight, the company also offers a number of stand out perks to their employees.

“Our varied work practices encourage our people to integrate their personal and professional lifestyles,” it said.

“To demonstrate this work practices, employees who are expectant mothers or have recently returned from maternity leave are allowed the option of flexible working arrangements in line with our flexible working arrangements framework.

“We believe there is truly more to life at Nestlé that is why the company gives all staff R5,000 on the birth of their children.”

It added that it also has a crèche and breastfeeding expression rooms at its Bryanston Head Office which benefits its employees from an ease of convenience perspective.

“We encourage employees to participate in various health and wellness programmes which them to lead healthier lifestyles.

“Furthermore, as a leading food company in the world, we have staff shop facilities which grant employees the benefit of buying our various products at discounted prices,” it said.

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Here are the awesome perks offered at the best place to work in South Africa