BP and Uber Eats announce delivery partnership

 ·31 Mar 2022

Fuel retailer BP has signed a global partnership with Uber to make more than 3,000 retail locations available on Uber Eats by 2025.

The partnership extends current local arrangements in Australia, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and the west coast of US, adding the UK and eastern US in 2022 and with plans to launch in other European markets from 2023, the group said in a statement.

BP said it is the first convenience retailer to team up with Uber Eats on a global level and aims to have more than 3,000 retail locations available on the delivery platform over the next three years.

This forms part of the fuel retailers’ plan to grow access to customers and expand its delivery footprint, in response to soaring demand for food, groceries and everyday essentials brought to the door.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Uber Eats globally giving us the opportunity to reach many more consumers online in addition to those who currently visit our retail sites,” said Emma Delaney, executive vice president customers and products at BP.

“We’ve seen how the pandemic has accelerated customer demand for delivered convenience and this partnership will allow us to scale up quickly on the Uber platform. And for the first time, we will be able to offer delivery options to existing customers on our own BPme app by the end of 2023.”

BP currently has 2,500 retail sites across the world and an estimated 550 million customers living within 20 minutes of a BP retail site, the partners see enormous opportunities for growth.

The group said this will include hot and cold drinks, food-for-now options as well as staple groceries, fresh produce and ready meals, plus wine, beer and flowers.

South Africans can also order coffees and confectioneries from the group’s Wild Bean cafes.

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