International companies are scouting South Africans to get the job done

 ·1 Feb 2024

For years now, more and more skilled South African professionals have found better work opportunities with international companies – specifically the United Kingdom (UK) – because South Africa is among their first choices for talent scouting.

This is according to digital outsourcing and consulting firm Strider Digital, which sheds some light on this noticeable trend.

According to the firm, South Africans are outsourced due to their high standard of education and experience, work ethic, diversity, culture, and time zone.

“South Africa is home to a highly educated and skilled workforce, with many individuals holding degrees in IT, software development, business and marketing,” said business development consultant at Strider Digital Bjorn Annegarn.

“Our country has been favoured as a fast-developing outsourcing industry for a few years now.

“In 2020, McKinsey named South Africa the second most attractive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) location in the world and predicted that over the next few years, the sector would grow by 3% per annum,” he added.

Strider Digital’s CEO, Annabel Dallamore, also noted the allure of South Africa’s work ethic and hours.

According to OECD data, the average South African works 43.3 hours per week. This puts them at the fifth highest in the world. However, it is also generally known that many workers put in hours way above the maximum limit stipulated by labour law.

This strong and dedicated work ethic results in workers who blossom in fast-paced, ever-changing environments and are always willing to adapt, which is a very favourable characteristic, noted Dallamore.

“South Africa’s work culture aligns well with that of the UK. Professionals in South Africa enjoy collaboration, are open to diverse perspectives, and observe working constructs like being on time and prepared. Still, in the same breath, they are flexible too,” she said.

“The business case for mixed ethnic and cultural diversity in teams and companies has been well founded,” said Annegarn, “and UK businesses are acknowledging this – putting forward another reason why South Africans are making it to the top of outsourcing lists.”

It is well-known that South Africa has a unique cultural mix that has helped to create a dynamic population whose workforce is well-acquainted with cross-cultural communication and thinking.

South Africans bring unique points of view and offer a global perspective that can be of great value to UK teams and clients.

“From a strong cultural affiliation to the ushering in of fresh ideas, as well as a creative and innovative approach to problem-solving, it’s not hard to see why South African talent are top of mind for all UK businesses who are looking to succeed with their outsourcing plans,” added Annegarn.

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