International tech giant starts local production in South Africa

 ·18 Jun 2024

Global PC technology group Acer has commenced the local production of monitors in South Africa, with production starting in a couple of months.

The group said that local production will begin with its range of consumer monitors in August 2024, followed by commercial monitors in September.

The final phase – gaming monitors – will come at a later date.

According to Acer, the move to manufacture and produce these monitors in South Africa is part of a localisation strategy to boost jobs and “set the stage for future developments”.

The group, headquartered in Taiwan, has several manufacturing regions spread across the world, including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, and Hungary.

“Acer’s new monitor production programme aims to significantly contribute to job creation in South Africa’s technology sector,” it said.

“Additionally, the company recognises that providing affordable access to technology is essential for economic growth and social development. Producing monitors in South Africa underscores Acer’s mission to make technology accessible while maintaining affordability, quality, and performance.”

All Acer monitors produced locally will carry a three-year warranty, the group said, adding that the products will be sold by all its local retail partners.

Product Launch Timeline

  • Consumer Monitors: Acer’s range of consumer monitors, including 24-inch and 27-inch 100Hz IPS monitors, is set to launch in August 2024. These monitors combine sleek design, superior performance, and affordability.

  • Commercial Monitors: The commercial range will follow, with production slated for September 2024. Businesses and professionals can expect the same quality and reliability that Acer is renowned for.

  • Gaming Monitors: This will be in the final phase of Acer’s local assembly plans and will feature 27-inch 180Hz monitors.

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