Business Talk – Chris Erasmus on the importance of AWS Local Zones

 ·3 Jun 2022

Chris Erasmus is the commercial sector leader for AWS in South Africa.

He is committed to helping businesses leverage the secure AWS platform to scale and grow.

Erasmus believes that AWS’s cloud products and solutions help businesses build applications that offer increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

In this Business Talk interview, Erasmus discusses AWS Local Zones – solutions that place AWS compute, storage, database, and other services at the edge of the cloud near large populations, industries, and IT centres.

Erasmus talks about the success of the Cape Town AWS Local Zone, and why AWS is implementing a new Local Zone in Johannesburg.

He also outlines the benefits that Local Zones facilitate for South African businesses, and explains why South Africa is an important market for the group.

The full interview with Chris Erasmus can be watched below.

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