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Business Talk – Digicloud Africa CEO Gregory MacLennan on Africa’s first Google Cloud region

 ·1 Dec 2022

Gregory MacLennan is the CEO of Digicloud Africa – the Google Reseller Enablement Partner for Africa.

MacLennan and his team work with resellers across the continent to bring digital transformation and application modernisation to all customers using Google Cloud’s products and services.

He is passionate about working with the high-performing teams and individuals at Digicloud Africa and gets the most satisfaction and joy when he and his teams contribute towards digitally transforming a customer’s business.

In this Business Talk interview, MacLennan discusses the launch of Africa’s first Google Cloud region.

He explains why this is significant for the continent and what this new Google Cloud region will bring to Africa’s hyperscaler market.

MacLennan then unpacks what this development means for data residency regulations – particularly in South Africa, where companies now know that their data is resident in the country.

He also discusses how Digicloud Africa has developed an ecosystem of specialised partners so that it can help its customers get access to the right experts for their specific Google Cloud needs.

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The full interview with MacLennan can be watched below.

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