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Eskom has made a secret application to Treasury to bypass procedures for the nuclear deal: report

Eskom has made a secret application to Treasury to bypass procedures for the nuclear deal: report

State power utility Eskom has made a direct application to the National Treasury chief procurement officer, Schalk Human asking to be exempted from the prescribed procurement procedures for the new  nuclear power acquisition according to a new report by the DA.

The DA alleged that this was done in an apparent bid to accelerate the nuclear new build programme, “in a move that would mean that the country’s biggest ever procurement deal would not be subject to due diligence and correct procedures”.

“At present, sources suggest that Eskom may be seeking an exemption from the requirement to provide a full feasibility assessment for its proposed nuclear new build programme,” said DA shadow minister of energy, Gordon Mackay.

“This would be a significant exemption and would mean Eskom is embarking on the country’s single biggest public procurement – without fully assessing associated risks and consequences for South Africa’s economy.”

“Therefore, given the sheer magnitude of the implications of pushing ahead with the nuclear deal, it is essential that the public, as a key stakeholder, is made aware of it.”

The party said it would submit an application in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) in order to gain access to copies of all relevant correspondence between Eskom and the CPO with regard to the energy company’s application.

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  • Sennen Goroshi

    I guess we will see how human, Human is.

  • Fanandala

    The slimeballs are at it.

  • Disme

    SCUM !! And that dear readers is why Pravin was booted!

  • upyourbum

    Should’ve known that when the ANC promised at an affordable pace this was going on in the background..

  • Wollie Verstege

    And I have made a secret application to my accountant not to pay tax.

    If Eskom succeeds, I guess so will I.

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