Online FinTech Conference 2022 – Franc CEO Thomas Brennan discusses the Franc investment platform

 ·24 Jul 2022

Dr Thomas Brennan is a Co-Founder and the CEO of Franc, an award-winning start-up and investment app for South Africans.

Brennan is an engineer with a doctorate in machine learning. He worked as a research consultant at GeoMed, as a research assistant at the University of Oxford, and then as a research engineer at MIT until 2014.

He then worked as the research and development manager for Discovery Limited until 2018, before founding the Franc app.

In this conference session, Brennan meets with Michael Avery to discuss Franc and the South African financial services industry.

Brennan begins by telling us about the Franc app and how it was founded.

He talks about the importance of financial access in South Africa and the limited number of South Africans that are investing and also talks about local financial literacy and how Franc can help South Africans invest their money.

He also discusses how APIs are essential to making financial services widely accessible and shaping the future of South Africa.

Brennan then highlights the effects of the pandemic on the financial industry and talks about the beneficial trends that could continue into the future.

Finally, Brennan explains how conference attendees can sign up for Franc.

The full conference session with Dr Thomas Brennan is embedded below.

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