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The most photographed landmark in South Africa

The most photographed landmark in South Africa

Sony Mobile has published a ranking of the most photographed landmarks across the world – which includes the most popular spot in South Africa: Table Mountain.

Under the tag of #XperiaNewPerspectives, Sony Mobile scoured data from Instagram, showing which landmarks in the world were the most photographed and posted to the social media site.

The group found that the Eiffel Tower in Paris was the most popular landmark in the world, with over 4.6 million snaps being uploaded to Instagram, followed by Big Ben in the UK and The Louvre in France.

Aside from the most popular destinations, Sony Mobile also did research on the types of photos taken – specifically the angle of composition of the shots.

The group found that large percentages of landmark photos were all taken from the exact same spot (35%, in the Eiffel Tower’s case), and surveys among users found that many people – almost half of those questioned – were bored of seeing the same pictures.

The research showed that photographs of other people’s trips and holidays were a big influence on where and how respondents planned their own trips.

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South Africa’s Table Mountain ranked as the 28th most popular landmark in the world, with 386,700 pictures being uploaded to Instagram. 61% of the photos were all taken from the same three angles, Sony noted.

Previous analysis of Instragram’s photo data showed that the Kruger National Park was the most popular tourist destination in South Africa. The distinction in this case is that Sony’s data looked specifically at landmarks, not overall destination.

Here are the 10 most photographed landmarks in the world.

Eiffel Tower, France – 4,654,699

Big Ben, UK – 2,435,223

The Louvre, France – 1,740,908

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Empire State Building, USA – 1,570,167

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Burj Khalifa, UAE – 1,446,682

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Notre Dame Cathedral, France – 1,330,688

St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City – 1,131,705

Time Square, USA – 1,100,344

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Sagrada Familia, Spain – 936,216

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Colosseum, Italy – 860,248

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  • chunk

    The people that try and get that shot at the Louvre look like fools.

    • Stuart Steedman

      Why hate on what people enjoy doing? It’s harmless enough.

    • The guy looks like a tool

  • SpiritOfNehanda

    Yet Sony has less than 5% of the market share…

    • Skerminkel

      They scoured Instagram, not Sony photographs.

    • Deal_with__it

      Shame, did not make it to the second paragraph.

      • SpiritOfNehanda

        Sony likely based this on the GPS metadata on images taken by the Experia. Nonetheless, its a pointless article…

        • Deal_with__it

          Read the second paragraph carefully. Maybe sound the words out loud. What a tard.

          • SpiritOfNehanda

            There’s actually a tard between your ears…

          • Deal_with__it

            Wow. That was such a clever insult. Embarrassing yourself more. Reading is hard Hey! Pathetic.

  • Joe Black

    That’s the Chrysler Building. Not the Empire state building.

    • Skerminkel

      Well spotted!

      • Joe Black

        A pleasure.

  • NosySnoopy

    No tower of pisa?

  • Paul Goodwill

    It’s not “Big Ben”, it’s Westminster Palace and St Stephen’s Tower. Big Ben is the bell contained within St Stephen’s Tower…

  • Ugh we get it “The mountain this the mountain that”

    It’s overrated

  • Visionery1 .

    Never mind Big Ben, she’s cute… and a nice booty to boot (no pun intended). 🙂

  • John Phoenix

    They can keep the UK, USA and Dubai, European architecture is beautiful. The geometry already validates any pictures you might take. Add the food, the music, and the culture, well worth a spot on the bucket list.

    • Poor Graduate

      Is the UK not European?

      • John Phoenix

        Tutor/Victorian vs Baroque/Rococo, and then we’re not even comparing the Slavic Or Nordic to UK. The UK is a special place, just not THAT special.

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