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Secret e-toll bill to take money from users’ bank accounts [April Fools]

Secret e-toll bill to take money from users’ bank accounts [April Fools]

The South African government has quietly pushed through a Bill which will allow the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to collect money directly from the bank accounts of people using e-toll roads.

Under the new regulations, The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral), through SARS, will be empowered to act on those people who fail to pay their e-toll accounts.

SARS already has the power to collect through the Tax Administration Act (TAA) section 11.3.3.

The new act, which is set to be enforced from 1 May, is linked to the Tax Administration Act and will see SARS given the power to take money from those e-toll road users who refuse to pay.

The controversial e-toll system was implemented in December, but has faced widespread resistance, with social media abuzz with people refusing to settle outstanding e-tolls related accounts.

Bill document

Bill document

According to documents seen by BusinessTech, Sanral approached government in January with its concerns.

Sanral said that its inability to collect these outstanding e-toll bills – along with further tensions in cash flows, accompanied by heavy reliance on debt as a substitute to cover operating costs – may push the group over the edge.

The road agency’s debt stock is projected to total R39 billion in 2014.

Neither government, nor Sanral could be reached for immediate comment.

For more information about this, click here.

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  • Howard Dembovsky

    Erm… Act 4 of 1998 is the Cross-Border Road Transport Act. The CBLTLA is NOT SARS, it is the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency and the “agency” referred to in this Bill/Act is the CBLTLA. Those of us who oppose e-tolling as well as the media must always be acutely aware of the fact that sometimes it is possible to assist SANRAL in spreading misinformation and thereby aid their cause by creating needless fear. This is almost identical to the misinformation (a pretty word for lies) being spread about licence discs being withheld for non-payment of e-tolls. It is simply UNTRUE! Lastly, the second SANRAL approaches SARS to do its collections, the “user pays service” principle goes straight out of the window and they will be acknowledging that e-tolls are a tax upon a tax. SARS is not that stupid to buy into such a concept. Please BusinessTech, you have my contact details. Give me a shout in future before publishing such stuff.

    • Bloumoord

      Bribed by SANRAL stuff to spread this on their behalf….the country is rotten…

    • SemiautomatixZA

      Click the link! Click the link! Do it!

    • Justin Case

      Hehe … clickeddy click

  • Bloumoord

    I’m not amazed…a thief has all sorts of tricks up its sleeve…I was surprised however in other reports where it was stated that SARS will be asked to investigate JZ’s tax obligations…pleaaaase…did anybody think SARS is on the public’s side?

  • Buck

    April fools?

    • Bloumoord

      Too serious for that…its like joking about a next of kin who died…you can’t joke about this

    • Howard Dembovsky

      Actually just had confirmation that it is EXACTLY an April Fools’ “joke” and the ink that says “click here” goes directly to a photo of an April 1 calendar. I would not have a problem with this IF South Africans didn’t spread bull faster than they spread fact. This article WILL assist SANRAL in scaring people – trust me on that – and the WORST part of it is that I and JPSA will have to deal with all of the panic emails and phone calls – not to mention people claiming as FACT, that SARS has automatically debited them. It’s called “unintended consequences”,. :((

      • SemiautomatixZA

        Thank goodness, almost had a mild cardio infarction!

      • Warchylde

        You have to admit it’s quite ingenious April fools in comparison to the droll attempts by other news agencies….

      • Arsh

        I preferred the SANRAL article in the morning newspaper about travelling at 113kms an hour so that the camera cannot take a picture of your car, plus a comment about POEPHOL which was an acronym for some SANRAL system. Funny and a joke.

  • Armand Mey

    April Fools =D

  • Ockert Jaco VentEr

    well this just pissed me off even more towards SANRAL πŸ˜› thank you for that!

  • Howzit42

    I agree with Howard. While this may be an April Fools joke, please show it in the article in BOLD without anyone having to click on a link to see its a prank. Keeping the article as it is will most certainly cause widespread panic and ruin you reputation as a reliable source of information.

  • Outer Limits Pta

    1 April people, 1 April. Click the link at the bottom.

  • Stevo Jones

    This is not the sort of thing to be publishing as an April Fools joke.

    It is in poor taste and extremely insensitive to those of us who are suffering from the onslaught of anc grab and take. People are being forced to decide between paying for food or paying e-tolls so they can get to work on time.

    • Naeem Essop

      oh boo hoo, get a sense of humour please

      • Stevo Jones

        Its hard to have a sense of humor when you have to decide between food or e-tolls you heartless cadre.

  • iszi

    trolololol, what day is it again πŸ˜‰

  • Isabel Gibson Webber

    LOL, you had me there for a moment, until I clicked for more information πŸ™‚

  • Nick

    I didn’t know whether to be outraged or laugh my head off…

    But at the end of the day, I’m forced to admit that we desperately needed some comic relief here. This article provided that.
    You get mad, then you laugh. The secret is to keep things in perspective. πŸ˜‰

  • veroniquepalmer

    You nearly gave me a heart attack! I agree with most sentiments on this one – not sure how funny it is. Especially now because you’ve probably given the government an idea now….

  • l1qu1d

    I smell an April fools joke..

  • John Clarke

    So far I have found three April fools jokes in the media playing on e-tolls. Times Live seems to be the best. A report saying that the e-toll gantries cant read vehicle licence plates of cars driving EXACTLY 113km/h. Any others?

  • Warchylde

    Funny guys, really bloody funny πŸ™‚ you almost gave me a heart attack

  • Who am i

    Sad thing is.. we would actually pass this for the truth since ANYTHING is possible in this awesome rainbow nation of ours….. Gotta love how effed up the cANCer made it.

  • Sir Rants A Lot Llew. Jelly!!!

    Since this is a April fools joke it’s a bad one. You’ve just given the government and Sanral an idea they will think is top notch πŸ™

  • Kiepie

    I find myself feeling strangely happy now that I’ve discovered that I fell for a bit of a BLINDER GUYS!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY BLIND!!!

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