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South African salaries in 2015: what people earn

South African salaries in 2015: what people earn

CareerJunction has released the findings of its latest salary index, showing the average salaries in 2015 for over 100 jobs in 10 sectors across South Africa.

The CareerJunction Index is compiled exclusively for the South African workforce and HR/recruitment professionals.

Findings are based on actual salary offerings on the CareerJunction website (28,000+ jobs monthly) for the latest measurable period (4th Quarter 2014 and 1st Quarter of 2015).

According to CareerJunction, the best paid employees in South Africa are those in ICT, finance and engineering fields, with many salaries stretching to over R45,000 monthly.

On the other end of the spectrum, professionals in the fields of admin, office and support, design, media and arts, Manufacturing & Assembly and Warehousing & Logistics are the lowest earners, with some salaries starting as low as R5,600 per month.

Notably, salaries in Gauteng were found to be 20-30% higher than in the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

The salaries listed below are divided by sector (listed alphabetically), and include the average regional differences in pay.

BusinessTech highlights the jobs with the highest and lowest averages; however, the salaries are listed as a range.

** indicates where salary information was not available due to low market demand for those skill sets.

Admin, Office, and Support

  • Highest paid: Human resources officers – R29,878
  • Lowest paid: Tellers and cashiers – R5,651

Admin Office and Support salaries 2015

Building and Construction

  • Highest paid: Structural engineers – R59,218
  • Lowest paid: Plumbers, pipe and steam fitters – R14,365

Building and Construction salaries 2015

Design, Media and Arts

  • Highest paid: Web designers, multimedia and 3D designers – R37,708
  • Lowest paid: TV, video and movie operators – R9,061

Design Media and Arts salaries 2015


  • Highest paid: Mining engineers – R77,031
  • Lowest paid: Automotive engineers – R26,922

Engineering salaries 2015


  • Highest paid: Actuaries – R52,315
  • Lowest paid: Credit controllers – R13,543

Finiance salaries 2015


  • Highest paid: Technical and business architects, and business analysis – R56,083
  • Lowest paid: Radio and satellite technology – R16,532

ICT salaries 2015


  • Highest paid: Marketing managers – R46,485
  • Lowest paid: Marketing assistants- R13,571

Marketing salaries 2015

Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Highest paid: Plant managers – R45,100
  • Lowest paid: Plant and system operators – R9,770

Manufacturing and Assembly salaries 2015


  • Highest paid: Sales managers – R43,733
  • Lowest paid: Travel agents – R9,700

Sales salaries 2015

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Highest paid: Logistics managers- R52,111
  • Lowest paid: Dispatchers and receivers – R10,627

Warehousing and Logistics salaries 2015

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  • CharlieTango

    The low salaries for call centre operators is a good indication of the low worth that companies place on employees that are essentially a reflection of their reputation and also accounts for the poor telephonic customer support at many large organisations (particularly in the finance, telecoms and insurance industries).

  • Waylon Payne

    I’d love to know how these salaries, which are low in my opinion, translate into the high number of expensive German cars on our roads.

    • ProfessorJericho

      Exactly, cars are super expensive. Even entry level 1 series BMWs are in the 400k range.

    • Marty

      Often people take Residual options and Balloon Payments to qualify for the “Prestige” of owning these vehicles…. Anyone shopping in the very exclusive market wouldn’t necessarily be financing their vehicle as that’s just way too much. So we should be wondering where that money comes from… 😉

    • Kagiso

      Balloon payment. Residual, etc etc. People live WAY beyond their means.

    • Franco Del Palucci

      Most likely result of of the largest employer in SA…the government!

      • V4

        No need to be jealous….

        • amz

          v4 probably works for the government

    • LSZ

      I always ask myself the same question.

    • V4

      BMW might be expensive to you, but it is very affordable to many hard working South Africans.

      • BMW

        Just bought my first BMW 🙂

    • Salvager

      Exactly! The figures the provide are quite inaccurate; they are seriously low. I have a team of it analysts and the article says the max is 46k… though the majority of my team is quite above that. My brother is a mechanical engineer who earns double their quoted max. I have a friend in IT management who earns 4 times more than the quoted max for same.

      From all values seemingly low – rather than one or two items, it seems like the review intent is deception rather than inaccuracy.

    • SikNikZN

      I think the whole point of AVERAGES is that it never reflects the highest of something or the lowest of something for that matter… also those folks earning big dollah (on the MOST part), were too busy working hard for their money instead of taking the time to partake in the surveys… – Just a thought – Peace.

    • Anonnic

      If your referring the BMW’ then their cheap in SA. I bought my first BMW when I was 23, it was a 130i, now 28 and on my 2nd 135i. I only have matric, but I then again I have good work ethic. I think I got that from my dad. Watching him wake up at 4:30am every morning and putting on his overall and going to the mine, while raising 2 boys and 1 girl, I had someone to look up to I guess.

      • Gareth Anthony Gerber

        dont drink before you reply …this got nothing to do about who can afford a nice car , congrats to you for being successful but remember those that dont get paid enough for the work they do….

        • Joe Black

          He was replying to the oke who asked where all the luxury cars on the road come from…

    • Dakalo

      i fall under ICT Software Development My entry salary is R25000 with no experience whatsoever n am 19, In 3 years time I’ll be earning 4 times my current salary.

      • Innocentia Mulaudzi

        Ehh where are u working???

      • Tsholo_Boi

        these days getting in the ICT requires professional experience before experience

    • Sandile Mthembu

      That happens when you takes simple step which only applies 5P’s ,which is PROPER PLANNING PREVENTS POOR PERFOMANCE . in this way u can invest half of your salary, but on your investment, you need to think out of a box and create another businesses, by doing that you’re making yourself rich while helping our country by improving and creating job opportunities.

  • ProfessorJericho

    Holy crap, how do people afford to live?!

    • sarah

      You know what’s really scary? I’m a teacher and a single mom with no child support and we manage on the 13500 that I earn!

  • Damato

    I agree, first hand experience in hiring and specific sectors indicate that these figures are low. Problem is recruiters are going to use this as a bench mark, which is actually not acceptable since the data is skewed. Factoring in the outliers are discarded, the top range should be higher for a number of sectors.

  • Allen

    These seem low to me… Across the board… but is taken for actual people placed, so I guess it could be correct.

  • guitar_shredda*

    Where is the health and sciences sector???

  • Gauteng bias stats for sure

    Yoh … I thought the article said South Africa not Gaunteng…

  • FistAndKnuckles

    No category for Legal Services?

  • Gareth

    And in the hospitality industry? What are three Ave salaries there?

  • Five

    A senior actuary earns R90 000 plus

  • Joe Workingman

    Thats nice , I earn nothing due to BBEEBEEBEBEEBE

  • Mabenito I don’t blame anyone but myself. could have been in engineer, the rest is history.

  • lizbit

    Don’t we count in the Eastern Cape

    • Mikey

      What’s the Eastern Cape?

      • lizbit

        Ha ha.

  • Rene Avenant

    Senior Musician -R2000 to + R6000 pm but you don’t pay tax… except for VAT fuel levy, sin tax, import duties on equipment and… oh four five six I work for the ANC and get paid a couple of beers a day.

  • Waltervrrsa

    the ICT info is not the right info. were do they pull this info from there ass that is not what they get paid not even close it is way lower then that

    • John Wicker

      “Average across SA” not just as your company..

  • No ways

    ICT salaries way too low. Add at least 10 to 20%…..

  • Not terribly accurate at all.

    • John Wicker

      “Average across SA” not just as your company…

      • Obviously not, my comment is based on my own experience in the industry and that of colleagues and friends in the same industry at the moment.

  • My_opinion247

    Auditing and financial advisory salaries way too low

    • John Wicker

      “Average across SA” not just as your company

  • hippy31

    I work in the Horticultural sector. Where are the figures for that

  • Jade

    Where is the medical section? Clearly People working in laboratories are grossly under paid and that applies to both private and public sectors!

  • Jacquelene Jaftha

    Information regarding Achitecture is no correct. SeniorTechnologist R10 000 up. If you get R20 its a bonus.

  • Natalie

    As a recruiter across finance and IT, I can safely say that these figures are grossly inaccurate. I work from entry level assistants to a Exec and can say that they are actually four times higher than mentioned here.

  • Mark Timms

    I have clients that drive cars costing way beyond their income capacity. We have a culture whereby the perception of wealth is more important than the reality of affordability. I do understand the concept of acquiring such high end homes and cars to keep the pressure on to continue to strive for more success.

  • Tim

    I know far too many designers and animators being paid way less than listed here, I used to be one of them.

    • Mari

      I’m a designer myself, and it is shocking how little we get paid for our expertise. While looking for work during the last month, I realised this sad reality and would like to understand why it is so.

  • Rickey

    This was an interesting read.. I come out of the resourcing industry, and these salaries are no where close to what these people earn. It’s so incorrect, its actually laughable…

  • Tweeka

    Basically suggests that career junction doesn’t place the higher earners.

  • Julius on the point of order

    maybe these are post tax values (comrades)

  • Sandile Ngema Snr

    where is education sector la?

  • Caroline Yanara Barnard

    I’m currently doing office admin for a transporting company & earning UNDER R5000 a month 🙁
    I actually get out R4900 & as a single mother – that is not NEARLY enough for me to to make it through the month.
    I even had to take my son out of school, because I just can’t afford to send him anymore & I had to sell my car 2 years ago, to pay for the outstanding school fees that I couldn’t keep up with paying, so now I’m transport-less & not able to get to interviews to find myself a decent paying job.. Life is NOT easy for me!!

  • Paul

    I would like to see what Teachers get paid in both the private and public sector, where can one look to see an “average “, Thanks

  • Michael Sacks

    Perhaps these are just Cape Town figures.

  • Go to Payscale dot com to find out the true reflection of your salary in your sector/industry and profession. These salaries are not indicative or “accurate”.

  • Bob_player

    I have a family member who is employed at an Agri in the Western Cape as Accounts Manager…He owns two homes, 4 motor vehicles, a caravan (large) and a rubber duck (large) All paid for. He takes a 21 day holiday each year and camps in his caravan in various game parks…Anybody in middle management in an Agri care to let me know how he achieves this?

  • Joe Black

    The problem in SA is not so much the average wage for those that are employed. The problem is A: Many people are not employed. B: The country’s economic outlook. High inflation and a currency the value of which seems to show a general trend downwards is putting added strain on people who do not earn enough to save a lot. I earn well enough, but I don’t spend a lot – I save a lot. And still I am concerned that what I am amassing will be worthless due to the reasons mentioned. How much more stressful must this factor not be for those who can only save very little a month.

    The government should be focusing on the social security inherent in a stable economy. And its clearly not even on Zuma’s radar. Everything he says destabilizes. He’s digging out yesteryear’s problems while there’s dragons hovering in the future.


    Interesting I left South Africa 11 years ago as an Instrument Tech and left there on a salary of R28 000 a month and here they give it R10 000 lower, does not look like salaries kept up to the failing Rand that is for sure.

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