Whites – you have been warned: Malema

 ·30 Oct 2015
Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has sent out a warning to South Africa’s white minority.

South Africa’s population was estimated at 54,956,900 in 2015, with the following racial breakdown:

  • African – 80.5% (44,228,000 people)
  • Coloureds –  8.8% (4,832,900 people)
  • Whites 8.3% (4,534,000 people)
  • Indians and Asians 2.5% (1,362,000 people)

The EFF leader, who heads up South Africa’s third largest political party, on Monday marched to the JSE, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and the Chamber of Mines, and accused the Stock Exchange of racism and white dominance.

Malema delivered a tirade against white South Africans:

“We want a total overhaul of the state. We want a state that is not scared of white minority,” said Malema, as reported by Independent Online, noting that ANC has protected white minority for far too long.

“We are not anti-white, we are for all, but particular black people. White minority you have been warned,” he said.

“You are so racist, you do not even belong to South Africa,” Malema told the JSE.

“You lock us here [when] we got permission to come here. You treat us like criminals because we are black.”

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“We come to white people here and we are treated like visitors in our own country.”

“We may look ugly to you, we may look poor to you, but we want to be treated with respect,” Malema said.

“We are here because of the pain of poverty.”

JSE CEO Nicky Newton-King received a memorandum from the EFF on the back of a truck from where Malema and other EFF leaders were addressing the crowd.

She thanked the crowd for “taking the effort to come to Sandton”. She called it a “magnificent effort”.

Referring to issues raised in the memorandum, she said the JSE looked forward to discussing them with the EFF leadership.

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