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White people don’t own the land – so take it: Malema

White people don’t own the land – so take it: Malema

EFF leader Julius Malema has told supporters that they should occupy land illegally and not apologize, as no white person in the country can claim ownership.

Malema was speaking to EFF supporters in KwaZulu Natal at the 61 year anniversary celebrations of the South African Freedom Charter.

According to Malema, all the land in South Africa belongs to the black majority, and as such, if a black person sees a piece of land they like, they should occupy it, because it belongs to them.

He said the when white people came to South Africa, they found black people there, they didn’t bring the land with them.

He agreed with a clause in the Freedom Charter that says that the land belongs to all who work and live on it – however, he said this does not apply to white people.

“If we say that South Africa belongs to whites too it means we are defeating what our forefathers were fighting for,” he said.

Even if white people worked the land, they could not own it. Only once the land had been returned to the black majority, would an EFF government decide on how to ‘give’ land to white people.

According to Malema, the ANC has failed in its duty to uphold the Freedom Charter, and it was up to the people to take the land back.

He has previously stated that he is not specifically fighting against white people, but rather fighting for black people.

“We are not fighting against them (white people)‚ we are not fighting for them either. We are fighting for black people. Anyone who fights for white people is fighting for white people privilege.”

The EFF leader has already indicated that it will promote taking land without compensation in any area it governs.

“Wealth is not what is in your bank account, being rich is to have the land. When you have land you can create jobs. You can even hire the children of white people,” he said.

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  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    If any politician in Europe makes a statement that black do not own any land there would be a huge outcry. But Malema can make such racist statements and no fuss is made.

    • SpiritOfNehanda

      There wouldn’t be, because that’s the truth…

      • Blapartheid Zulu

        Truth about? The Zulus came from up and massacred everyone and everything?

        • SpiritOfNehanda

          Like you didn’t massacre anyone. I’m not Zulu and somewhere in history some of my fore-bearers clashed with Zulus… but that’s not for you to tell me. Internal African conflict is just none of your business just like any conflicts that occurred in Europe are none of our business. It’s really not for you to use that statement to justify your own continued occupation of land you have no ethnic claim to. You are not even indigenous to Africa and yet you want to tell us who did what to who, before you even …

          • Blapartheid Zulu

            Wrong! DNA shows we ALL came from Africa, we are all indigenous to Africa. I’m not Afrikaans. Zulus massacred British too,everyone’s hands are dirty. What makes you so special? What statement can you use to justify your continuous occupation of land that you have no ethnic claim to too?

          • Dale

            If I as a white guy bought my property in the Western Cape while it was an ANC-ruled province, am I off the hook?

            Because the ANC local government sold it to me…

          • DJ

            So, a person who is black is entitled to all land anywhere & everywhere on this continent according to your indigenous rule?
            Maybe the Arabs should come down south and claim the same.
            I’m sure the Omar Al-Bashir’s of the continent would just love that.
            Maybe you will be lucky and the less aggressive Khoi and San will lay claim instead.
            Maybe you should trace your tribes migration patterns and if you lucky you will find that you are from Zimbabwe. Then you can tell Bob you are coming for your patch of land and bugger his sovereignty jibber jabber.

          • Civilspider

            Spirit of whatever, please crawl back into your hole. Your comment is as backwards as Malema’s Blabber.

      • Bovril 24

        Yes, true – they never did ‘own’ any land in the legal sense – maybe I should claim the 25 square meters of nursing home in England where I was born!


      He should be hanged by whites… one that forgets his past shall relive it!!! they wanted peace, we offered them a chance and now they want to stab the good people in the back.. they will GET IT!

  • Charl van der Merwe

    He doesn’t even believe in half the rubbish that spouts out of his little blowhole, he is just praying on the radicalism that exists within those that have been failed by the ANC who have nothing and also have nothing to lose.

    He speaks of the struggle sitting comfy in his land rover he drives from his affluent house in Sandton wearing designer clothes and expensive watches fighting legal battles for tax evasion from trying to evade taxes with his tenderpreneur companies he setup with his corrupt cronies when he was part of the ANC….

    He will say anything and do anything to keep his status, just like any other corrupt politician

    • Skerminkel

      Have to agree. He is insulting black people by thinking they will believe this.

      • Blapartheid Zulu

        There’s a few dudes here that believes it. I would love to get everything for free too, but come on! Wake up to reality

        • TestSA

          wasnt it like more than a million the last time the IEC counted?

          • Blapartheid Zulu

            I meant there’s a few dudes commenting on this article that believes in what malema said

      • Steady_B2k

        The general followers of Malema believe everything he says. Free free free

    • Summed up,, but still a dangerous man to all of SA!

    • TestSA

      So, do you expect the people who lead the struggle to always live in squalor like the people they fight for..or is that sentiment reserved for black leaders only. JM not case in point, lol

      • Stormiezzz

        Dude…you obviously love colonialists. Good for you. We need more stand up guys like you.

    • Wari Murphy

      If nothing else, the parliamentary gig pays well. Keep them voting for you, and it keeps you in Breitling watches, if you know what I mean.

  • Sgondoyi

    This is part of “what has gone wrong with SA?” “leaders” like Malema do not help the situation nor add any value with this kind of talk.

    • Unger Bantu

      As opposed to singing kumbayah and pretend all is well?

  • Real Ist

    And leave it up to the white people to deal with said invaders illegally too 🙂

  • Matthew McGregor

    And yet I’m racist if I call this flat nose a monkey.

    • Literally Mario

      Don’t swoop down to his level.

      • Matthew McGregor

        Just merely pointing out how blacks believe things are. They are not racist remember 😉

        • Literally Mario

          But you are, one look at your comment history shows it.
          Stop antagonising, you are only making the situation worse.

          • Matthew McGregor

            Okay little boy

    • Lone Stranger

      It is still offensive. It is the same as they call us pigs or thieves.

  • Skerminkel

    Calm down people, no need to comment. It was a technical glitch. They held the mic at the wrong en of the Malema.

    • Clinton

      I don’t really think it matters which end they stick it

      • Dave Thompson

        These two comments are pure gold! 😀

    • Jacqueline Geerlings

      hilarious !!! you should consider stand up comedy 🙂

      • Skerminkel

        Aww, thanks! Unfortunately it will be lie-down comedy. Everyone will be long asleep before I can come up with the next good one.

    • Skullgrinder

      The must stick it up his ass maybe he will make more sense i think his ass is where his mouth is supposed to be

    • sleepingdog

      How can you tell? Both ends are identical in smell, shape and output.

      • Stormiezzz

        If only they could be the same in input. I could think of a few rather befitting items that would fit quite nicely.

      • Skerminkel

        Yeah, I would not know about the smell…

  • Berghaan Botha

    Is this not incitement to violence?

    • TestSA

      Well, you could have a peaceful discussion about taking the land, just like the settlers did when they got here?

      • As peaceful as Dingane…

        • TestSA

          Name 5 and I’ll name 5000

          • South_One

            Yes, because there is no written black history of the time.

          • TestSA

            And the white history written are lies. Even this Dingaan (or rather Dingane as above lol) is a clear lot of hogwash.

          • david

            How so and where would you find the true history?

          • TestSA

            There are so many holes in that storyline, a 5 year old would figure out its c-r-a-p

          • david

            It is this thing called a summary, we use it to get an overview. If you want detail then it takes up a bit more space, but you can find it by visiting the history department at any university.

          • TestSA


          • david

            Nice article on SA History Online
            Pre-colonial history of SA
            Plenty of others out there written by all sorts of people and historians and archaeologists like to pick until they get to the bottom of a story

          • South_One

            Well it’s their word against yours, and they were at least there. It has also been corroborated by other scientific sources. So I’m going to trust the piles of evidence that Africans were exceptionally brutal at this time, rather than your opinion that seems prompted by a large chip on your shoulder.

          • Kejoy

            You cannot argue against ignorance, nor will you ever convince a person who has a closed mind. By his own admission I doubt whether he believes one tenth of what he writes.

          • The sad thing is that, like during Shaka and Dingane’s tenure, so-called white people (whatever that may mean) were not the only ones suffering the cruelty of African tribal leadership. Thousands upon thousands of “black” people (whatever that may mean) suffers from the violence, death, and overall societal corruption brought about by people like yourself.

            So give yourself a pat on the back for inciting theft, anger and murder. Your own children will suffer the consequences long after mine has prospered elsewhere in the world.

          • TestSA

            Gaan leer eers Engels… Africa and Africans have suffered thousands times more violence from ppl like yourself than black leaders and tribal leaders ever put upon them.

          • david

            Shame poor babies, you are the only people in the world to be brutalised. Go chat to the scots, the Irish, the mayans etc etc
            History is a rather dark place which we should try to rise above

          • TestSA

            I agree with you..question is..WHO is supposed to rise from the lowest?

          • david

            Everyone, give people the opportunity and chance to rise above their circumstances.
            The ANC hasn’t done that, the EFF has some good ideas but mostly they are just flailing around with populist rhetoric and the majority of blacks seem to mistrust the DA.
            Its pretty much a catfight in SA

          • TestSA

            Pity is most grown up ppl in SA are 3rd world educated so even if their children have opportunities today, they cant identify and they don’t know how to navigate. Sad, but true.

          • david

            Very true, looking back on the years since 94 I start to wonder if the neglect of education wasn’t a conscious decision by the ANC in order to ensure it stayed in power, since an uneducated electorate is less likely to question their betters.

          • Kejoy

            Sad, but true. And still the masses vote for them.

          • Fangled

            Yes, and each brutalised to his own.

          • Jong, daar is regtig niks fout met my Engels nie. Inteendeel, as ek kyk na jou onbeskryflike taalkundigheid dan laat dit my met geen wonder dat ons wonderlike land tans besig is om sy gat te sien nie. Maar byt vas en gaan koop solank Pritt vir jou plakkate, jy het net Graad 5 nodig om president te word.

            As for people like me making blacks suffer, I would once again point you to the very real, very well recorded historical records of “people like me” being tortured and killed, not only by Zulus and Xhosas, but by the British and their allies who were decidedly light skinned. Not for any other reason than greed and an arrogant sense of entitlement.

            What you fail to accept is that Malema doesn’t care for anybody other than himself. He reflects the same rotten culture of greed and entitlement you are displaying, abusing the hearts and minds of the poor masses to grab hold of power that is not due to him, mainly because he lacks the basic sense of responsibility with which it comes.

            None of this is about blacks or whites. Skin colour has no magic to it and can’t make one person stronger or better or more entitled than another. It is about an insidious culture among the “leaders” of this country who are destroying the very people who are putting them in power.

          • TestSA

            All the leaders this country has ever had, had the same ideas as Malema, just a skin colour change – so don’t say that after 300 years of sin color determining the destiny of people..that it doesnt matter.

          • Giles

            Well said

          • Marc Hugo

            Test SA is uninformed. Chaka ordered the killing for over 6000 children and women one morning on the death of his mother. That is brutal carnage on the scale of which has never been remotely matched in the history of colonial rule. The problem with democracy in a poorly educated, politically inastute and non-homogeneous society is that voters are going to fall for the bilge erupting out of Malema’s mouth.

          • TestSA

            huh? millions of Africans sold into slavery…millions killed during the process. How do you not know this. Uninformed ha!

          • Wari Murphy

            True , but don’t forget that there were thousands of black people, many of them Muslims, involved in that trade. Who do you think supplied the slaves to the (Christian)white-owned slave ships? To this day there is slavery practiced in West Africa as a form of debt repayment (pawnship). So uninformed – yes.

          • Kejoy

            One of the richest slave traders was black.

          • Kejoy

            Sorry, Marc. The Concentration Camps? But that wasn’t deliberate, was it?

          • Unskinnybob

            Incorrect. Look at the figures of black on black murder throughout apartheid. Before the white man got here tribal killings were rife.

          • Jonathan Christen

            True story. Go and check the statistics. Black on black crime is way worse than white on black crime. This racism ride that everyone on is so ridiculous! Didnt the bible say something about removing the log out of your own eye before removing the splinter out of your brothers. Im not a pastor, just saying

          • TestSA

            And u still believe apartheid “stats”? Where do you get your figures for pre-colonial tribal killings?

          • Unskinnybob

            The UN hardly keep “apartheid stats”.

            Cave paintings.

          • LBS

            Sy Engels is perfek!

          • Muri

            No, you are worse! No, YOU are worse, noooo, YOU are worse! Lol.

          • TestSA

            lol 😉

      • david

        So this process will include tribes who were dispossessed around the same time as the whites arriving in SA?

        • TestSA

          The settlers who bought it square and fair from the tribes are not around anymore either. So to be fair yet again – why dont we divide the land into 5 million pieces and have a grand old lotto where every citizen gets one ticket…

          • david

            Dodging the question.
            The ethos of that period was might makes right, it was as true for the whites as for the blacks.

          • TestSA

            No, the ethos was actually..gawd made this all for us..other bipeds are not of gawd, so we don’t need to negotiate or attempt to understand how it works here..we reign supreme. That’s it.. 🙂

          • david

            Unfortunately for Gawd reality didn’t work that way

          • Silver King

            Just block the racist lump of excrement. Save yourself some time.

          • david

            No worries I am just using this to clear my mind after a rather intense lecture

          • TestSA

            Lol. In the previous govt I would have been jailed for p-i-s-s-i-n-g off white people. Now I do it for leisure.

            And it doesnt take much. It’s a right that was paid for in blood.

          • david

            If you think that this pisses off white people, well at least me then you really are lost

          • TestSA

            I know you’re not pissed off.

          • david

            Tired though, catch you on the flip side. I am off to home

          • Syler ABS

            I take it your not white, reading all your comments. It’s way easier p-i-s-s-i-n-g off black people or their counterparts, just by talking the truth and they get upset. You were born stupid until you old, it’s a DNA fact…. Also History in any country will prove this….

          • Kejoy

            Obviously not your blood.

          • sleepingdog

            Yes. As above. Might makes right. Our god is better than yours etc etc. Humans, black, white or any other shade. As a species, we are all too quick to wallow in the nastiest pits of our nature. No race has a monopoly on racism.

          • Wessel Pieters

            Ubuntu demands prejudice outside the tribe to the extent that the enemy must be killed. Somewhat like ISIS-moslems.

          • LBS

            In your dreams…..

          • Observer

            Yes, we are still here. We are their descendants. Just like you are the descendant of the people we bought if from. So we can have the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape up to the Kei River. Where we were first met with the Xhosa people.

          • Wessel Pieters

            AND include the part of Natal from the Tugela southwards which Retief agreed with Dingaan. The Agreement is today in the Voortrekker Monument.
            We need to take it back NOW!

          • Tony Foley

            Unfortunately South Africa has the Cradle of Mankind. That means EVERYONE had their ancestry here if you go back far enough.

          • Stormiezzz

            Not up to speed with the number of South African citizens now are we?

          • LBS

            So if the Settlers “bought it square and fair”, who are you (or Malema) to just want to take it away from those who inherited it or bought it again from those Settlers?

          • Kejoy

            Don’t confuse the subject by introducing logic or sense.

          • Unskinnybob

            And then? What will you do with your land? How will you take care of it? maintain it? Where will the money come from?

          • Kejoy

            No money involved, it’s all free. And in any case, Malema can always ask the Guptas.

          • Kejoy

            But I have slaved for years in order to get my little bit of land, it wouldn’t support a cow, though maybe a few chickens would survive. And the bit of South Africa holding my plot used to belong to Basutholand. Why must Mr Malema’s supporters get it?

        • Marc Hugo

          The thing is David, they hate the land. This land thing is a load of twaddle. Farming is not something they like to do. Not here, not in the USA. They like cities, living hug-a-mug. They are no more entitled to the land than anyone else in this country. They too are settlers. Only the San have entitlement. If they form an orderly stripe and pay up, then that is different.

      • [email protected]

        Who ended the peaceful discussion?

        • TestSA

          Which discussion are you referring to?

    • Steven Leigh

      Exactly what I thought when I read this, thus dude is NUTS a real Hitler in the making and it’ll start wars… Hopefully more of a revolution but a violent one no doubt, what’s in the past is in the past, I don’t care what my ancestors did, I don’t know them, the country is what it is now, what’s people don’t own it or even the majority of it, we are the very small minority so why are they still trying to take from us when they exceed 90% of the population excluding other races. This country is overpopulated but hey, we’ll fix it by taking from those 3 white guys there that look pretty well off!! Back to the violence, if I was having land that I owned through inheritance or just hard work taken from me, I’d get violent very fast, as that land is my well being, and I’m not gonna have the white minority pushed around by black tyranny. I’m no racist, but watching black majorities rule and ruin our country and Point the finger at whites when clearly they’re just doing a s*** job is getting infuriating. Something bad is coming, a lot of violence. Racial tension is coming to a boiling Point.

      • LBS

        And the ANC is very quiet on Malema’s remarks and strategy, what does that tell you? He is doing the dirty work FOR THEM! Zuma himself said on a few occasions that the “land belongs to the blacks”. Revolution here we come!

  • Sokum

    If the EFF can take land then I am allowed to take his BMW X5 anything German engineered we brought that s#it with us. And the whole concept of land ownership trough monies or trade.

    • chunk

      Uhm no you didn’t there was no BMW, you being like Julius now.

      • Sokum are not getting my point, my man!
        OK shoes we brought..and shoe laces, don’t for get pants to.

        • chunk

          You keep saying we are you a time traveller? Did you arrive with Jan?

          • Sokum

            South Africa is the cradle of mankind does that make the Koi San the master of all race?

          • chunk

            Not at all.

          • Sokum

            Why not?

          • Blapartheid Zulu

            Because making sense in Africa doesnt make sense

          • Sokum

            Allen Turning made the first Computer, so by the same law of julius the British may lay claim to all computers…like the one you are typing on?

          • chunk

            No they cant and neither can Julius because that’s dumb, just becasue i disagree with you doesn’t mean i agree with Julius.

          • observer111

            That’s his point, Chunk. It *is* just dumb.

          • Stormiezzz

            I guess you meant Alan Turing, note the spelling, and no he did not make the first computer. The first programmable computer was made by Charles Babbage.

    • Clinton

      Don’t forget the Breitling watch…

  • JP

    So you can be racist and incite violence as long as you are a politician and black? i see…

    • TestSA

      I think the reason he gets away with it is that nobody can 100% prove him wrong?

      • Stormiezzz

        It’s breathing valuable air, spewing forth absolute nonsensical rubbish, in my book that is 100% wrong.

  • ToothyGrinn

    Still begging from whitey eh Malema

  • manbott

    Imagine if a white person sprouted such garbage about blacks…

    • chunk

      They did it gave us Julius and JZ.

      • manbott

        Regardless of the past, such racial hatred only causes pain and division. What happend to mandela’s rainbow nation?

        • chunk

          That’s the problem people tend to just forget the past, instead of forgetting or using it as a crutch it should be driving us to be better. the privileged want to forget the rest use it as a crutch.

          • manbott

            There are alot of people who use it to better society, but then there are also an equal amount who use the past to sow division…

        • Carter deshaun

          It’s in critical condition, in a coma.. trying hard to save it.. but It’s not looking good..

  • Skywalker

    I wonder who is behind this guy, who is funding him to cause disruption in this country! I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s white people ha ha

    • Viere

      I think the answer is on the shirt he’s wearing..

    • david


  • James Dean

    Is Janusz Waluś out of jail?

    • Lukhanyo

      I see you.

  • Lone Stranger

    I wonder if Afriform and Soliderity will launch a complaint to the HRC? They should as this is nothing else than a racist remark.

    • chunk

      He didn’t say white afrikaans so they wont.

      • Mossel

        AfriForum actually cares about all minorities, just because they are pro-Afrikaans does not make them racist.

        • Lone Stranger

          Jip. People tend to think they are only for the Afrikaaners. They do stand up for the smaller groups in SA.

        • chunk

          Don’t get me wrong i don’t believe they are racist at all but their leaning is always… im not even sure if its pro afrikaans or afrikaner.

      • Lone Stranger

        Heavly doubt that. Julius bluntly said white people and that is Afrikaaners, English, German, you name it. They will fend for use all. Not just one group.

        • chunk

          Maybe but i never get that feeling from them I’m not even white and i don get the feeling they fend for all white people.

          • Lone Stranger

            I know they tend to look like they stick to their own, but they will not show you away if you ask for help.

  • Bradley Streak

    It’s like the EFF feel so dismayed that they missed out on Apartheid, they need to spew more white hatred.

    Racist pricks!

  • Willow

    Soon he will discover that more land is owned by black people than whites.
    Sporting for his fight, because he lacks the character to be a true leader.
    Blood will flow, but it won’t be Juliass’s, he will be safely ensconced in his bulletproofed colonial 4-wheel drive, all Gucci’d and Breitling’d.

    • Steady_B2k

      Or would have been safe in that underground bunker he was building for himself. …before the tax man auctioned it off.
      But seriously why would anyone think of building a underground bunker

  • JT

    Malema is one bitter black boy. Like a stuck record he keeps harping on and on about land as if that is the golden solution to everything. His only saying it for votes, he is no better than Zuma.

    • Carter deshaun

      Would be worse than zuma if elected… and Zuma is already the king of worse..

      • JT

        Not all black people are like Malema. Not everyone wants to continue living in the shadows of apartheid. But others like Malema, can’t do without it – they can’t risk becoming irrelevant over night.

        • Carter deshaun

          I am black.. and i’m definitely nothing like malema.. i don’t think anyone in the world is like malema..he’s racist, bitter, angry.. the guy has issues..

          • Lone Stranger

            I always say, judge someone individually. People tend to judge an entire race on the bad actions of a few in that race group.

          • observer111

            The question isn’t how to make white people poor. It is how do we make black people rich. Malema seems to think the one can only be at the expense of the other. He’s not very bright.

  • Khalsa Singh

    Since somebody actually has to manage and work the land……I suppose we could conduct a social experiment and just give them the ”land” just to see what happens..
    Unfortunately this farce has played itself out in Uganda, Tanzania and Zimboland already, so the result is quite clear

    • AK47

      Not to mention the hundreds of million rands spent on the farmers in Natal,that all has failed and they are now asking for more funds.

  • Cheesy 3.0

    One sometimes feels sorry for Africans, for continually choosing such lousy leadership. They really do consign themselves to oblivion and desperation.

    • Batman

      Looks like the stupidity virus is now airborne….

      • Kejoy

        Maybe Zika was around when his mother was pregnant.

    • TestSA

      And here I was feeling sorry for Europeans for always choosing the wrong Afrikaner leaders that got us here…

      • Not so up to speed with history I presume…

        • TestSA

          Not with white-washed history no.

          • But definitely the brainwashed version, no doubt.

          • TestSA

            u realize that whites are more brainwashed than most hey?

          • david

            Which whites?

          • Racism is like the Swiss army knife of arguments, isn’t it?

          • TestSA

            Well, this is an “article” that addresses the subject..duh!

          • It sure does!

          • Kejoy

            “White-washed” history? Are you sure? Shouldn’t it be “Black-washed”? We really must purge this alien colonial language of its racial idiom.

        • Silver King

          Just block the racist lump of excrement. I did.

          • TestSA

            Read my comments in perspective with all the other comments here.

          • I should, and I admit, I fell into the troll trap!

      • Unskinnybob

        You were no better off before Europeans got to the continent.

  • Carter deshaun

    Julius might just be dumber than jacob..never thought I’d say tha. … they should make a sitcom together, ‘Jacob And Julius’, or ‘the cunts of South Africa’..

    Would be hilarious..

    • Bovril 24

      How dare you insult the most beautiful thing in nature!

  • Carter deshaun

    Julius Malema – the worst thing to happen to south Africa since the all blacks..

  • Do the right thing

    In order to understand why this idiot makes these comments you need to understand the following 1) this is his only form of real income to sustain himself , so this makes him desperate to win votes at any cost irrespective of the social impact. 2) This is not a calling to build SA , unite SA , grow the economy ,no, its survival first (needs to earn a salary). 3)Honestly if it wasn’t for his racist rhetoric who would pay attention to this EX ANC youth league thief(we forget what he was before) .

    • chunk

      No politician in the history of the world has won an election on facts.

    • shelly

      its true i think alot of black people who follow malema thinks its gonna be like a type of genocide, white people will be chased out of the their homes and their cars will be taken away and given to the blacks, but what they don’t realize is that they will be worse of, yes i can take a white persons car or house today but who is gonna pay the petrol and electricity tomorrow, its like when you see these looters yes you are getting free bread today but who is gonna wanna open up a store their tomorrow

      • Steady_B2k

        Even if they do take all the houses and cars owned by whites. …there certainly won’t be enough for everyone then I think they will kill one another to to balance out their spoils of war.

      • TestSA

        Shelly…cant we say the same thing about whites though? Mistreat the blacks and dis-empower them to live comfortable for a few hundred years and hat do you xpect is going to happen?

        • Blapartheid Zulu

          Well you people cando it, but the difference is the white brothers were more competent (building of da) and our black brothers …. Has some catching up todo. What do you think will happen when you take over by force? Are these people capable of moving forward? Just look at the destructions in tshwane, what do you think will happen?

  • keithbe

    The shirts, or whatever, say it all.

  • Louis Botes

    Be careful EFF…Those who trespass on land they or their forefathers never owned will surely loose something way more valuable than a shitty piece of land.

    • They can’t see that far ahead and have no Knowledge of history to learn from!

      • Stormiezzz

        Yep, a bullets have solved many problems before, it will be a pity to have to use them to solve another.

  • TellMe

    Meh another Monday living with racist pigs.

  • Yes, property owners have land. You could make them an offer.

    • Unger Bantu

      Buying stole property is a criminal offence.

      • david

        Prove that it is stolen then we can talk. Facts not rhetoric

        • Unger Bantu

          What’s there to prove?
          Did white people bring land when they come here? No!
          Was this land already inhabited when they arrived? Yes!
          Did they put in legislation to dispossess the naive of their land?Yes! (without compensation)

          • michael wilson

            Was the entire surface of SA occupied? Actually, no, it wasn’t, not nearly. There weren’t enough people in SA for that. But i bet you ‘owned’ it all anyway.

          • Unger Bantu

            It’s wasn’t & still not entirely occupied, still doesn’t meaning that land is free for the taking.

          • michael wilson

            According to you it does, just so long as you are the one doing the taking eh?

          • Q Anthonie Burger

            So no black person may ever own land in Europe, Asia, the America’s or Australia?
            Or for that matter in any Arab country?
            Good luck selling that to the rest of the world.

          • Blapartheid Zulu

            Nothing was and is free for taking.

          • michael wilson

            Was land bartered and sold by black tribes to white settlers? Yes. All these things you like to leave out.

          • Unger Bantu

            Do you have a receipt to prove these transactions? If white people have a history of purchasing these lands from black tribes, what did they need the “Land Act” for?

          • michael wilson

            Actually some documentation does exist around it (eg dingaan and retief), if you are interested you can look it up. As to the second part of your statement, if that is how simplistically you see our history then this isn’t a discussion to take further.

          • Blapartheid Zulu

            Lol could you prove your forefathers were here in South Africa before the whites came?

          • Blapartheid Zulu

            So you do not own anything then.

            Were you born with shoes? No
            Were you born with cars? No
            Were you born with clothes? No
            Were you born with cellphone and computers? No
            Did they murder white people without compensation? Yes!

            In that logic no one owns anything then, I want your car! You don’t own it!

          • david

            So every scare cm of SA was inhabited and claimed prior to the arrival of whites?

            Merely been on the same contininent prior to the arrival of whites does not automatically grant you ownership of all the land.

            With regard to land lost due to legislation, that is a different story and should be addressed.

          • AnonymousSA

            Did white people bring all the technology you use today? Yes
            Did black people come from sub-sahara? Yes
            Where black people occupying all the land? No
            Are black people like you selfish? Yes
            Are black people like you entitled? Yes
            Are you entitled to the white people’s belongings? No

            You are everything that is wrong with SA and the world! Give me money and I’ll head back to Europe where I will make sure all black Africans stay out off!

          • david

            How is the displacement of people by white sttlers different to the displacement suffered by various tribes and this that also be looked at?

  • Ron

    Says the man whose farm was attached for non payment of tax….

  • david

    Start with the vacant land between his ears

    • Unfertile,, except when trying to take what belongs to others!

    • TestSA

      comment of the

  • RageFace

    Dear Julius, please pick up a history book before you make such statements. There are parts in South Africa (such as the greater Cape area) where there were whites before blacks and this means that you or your forefathers have NO CLAIM to it.

    Oh and take note that “the land” you want comes with bonds/mortgages – you are WELCOME to take homes and farms if you accept the debt that comes with owning it as well.

  • wrongturn

    Julius, can you please inform FNB that I don’t own my land and therefore don’t need to pay my bond every month. Would also appreciate it if you notified the municipality I can’t pay rates and taxes on that which I don’t own.

    • TestSA

      Sure, when are you vacating? Swap with the family in Gugs that get electricity and water for free. Now isnt that wonderful?

      • Blapartheid Zulu

        As soon as the new family takes ownership of the bond

      • wrongturn

        Sure, as long as I get financial refund for my total costs incurred plus whatever government has done to devalue my spending power so I can buy out of the country. Not my land right, so why should I have paid for it in the first place. Uncertain where Gugulethu comes into it.

      • OptimisticPessimist

        You remind me of the short kid in class. It must be bloody hard being you, or to accept that you failed at everything your tribe took over. According to your facts your tribe were here longer than anyone else, so it must be terrible to admit that the tribe who are here the shortest time made the most progress. Its sad, you are actually an example of the kind of person you profess to dislike.

  • awethu

    I think the only land that should be taken from whites is the land that was grabbed in the 60’s. Besides that, how far back do you go?

    Malema’s policies are ignorant and would destroy everything we’ve built so far.

    • michael wilson

      I agree, and fortunately there’s a legal land claims process in place for that already.

    • Batman

      100% in agreement with you thats why a land claim process is in place. However some politicians has seen the signs that we are a failed state already and the writing is on the wall. So each man for himself make sense. Feel bad for the poor people but hey they keep voting for this so this is what they will get….

      • Civilspider

        I fully agree. Or at least should be compensated with land of equal value.

  • Jacqueline Geerlings

    Now the whole world knows that Bob fecked up Zim, but Juju hails him as some kind of icon. like wearing a Madiba-styled shirt, ne!? dah. let’s hope the eff voters notice the shirt & jujú’s vote drops to just enough to keep the anc from an entrenched clause win

  • Bernard Rother

    We have developed a scorched earth policy here. If they come and take it, it will be burned down to the ground…including the bush and forests around us …as well as the farms etc. The new owners will inherit a wasteland. We’ll have nothing left to lose so there will be a lot they have not bargained on … destroying dams, pipelines etc etc

  • Surely these public acts are inciting violent riots (as long as SABC suppress this it should be legal as it won’t upset the public). Funny how it’s all happening at the same time

  • Hennie

    To grab land he’ll first have to tear up the constitution and get rid of the judiciary. He is only doing what all politicians are good at: blowing hot air. He is better than most.

  • myPointOfView

    If all you ever speak about is Black & White then maybe you are the (racist) problem

  • Robert Dixon

    It always astonishes me how the Freedom Charter is abused to suit brainless, and probably criminal, political objectives.
    The Freedom Charter states in the section “All National Groups Shall Have Equal Rights” that “The preaching and practice of national, race or colour discrimination and contempt shall be a punishable crime”. Seems like more dishonesty and hypocrisy on malenema’s part!
    It also states “The aged, the orphans, the disabled and the sick shall be cared for by the state” – never heard a politician, including this one, ever mention this while shouting about nationalising banks and mines!

    If hypocrisy, dishonesty were exportable commodities we would all be millionaires.

  • Led

    This makes no sense. Anyone who was born here is legitimately South African. Why cause all this additional hatred because of the land. Yes, what happened before was wrong, but stealing land (back or otherwise) is not the solution.
    And if you really want to be technical about it, just think back to the Nandos ad about who was here first. Julius should pack his bags too and leave to go back North. I feel like we’re running in circles trying to fix things instead of moving forwards.

  • AfricanAfrikaner

    The big problem here is that when Jan van Riebeeck landed in Cape Town in 1652, him and all his comrades swept the country Northerly and took every bridge, road, school, mall, established farm, business and home from all of the black people and claimed it to be their own. They didn’t contribute anything to the country, they didn’t bring products, livestock and European farming techniques to the country. They just found everything here and like the racists they were, took everything for themselves. They didn’t build the country, bring Western civilisation to a country with seemingly no infrastructure, nor did they fight for the country in multiple wars, led it to greatness economically, politically and socially.

    That is the problem Malema sees. Him and his comrades are also not currently planning to destroy the country and everything the white man he hates, had built up through 364 years. Damn, he probably also cannot count that high.

    • Ray Mulder

      Good post…
      This is one of the facts which young black people do not want to accept because they get indoctrinated to believe that whites removed them from the luxury they had…when in fact they were all living in huts in the bush. They cannot accept…and comprehend… what the arrival of whites actually did in South Africa.
      Yes there has been a fair amount of unfair behaviour by whites who could have done things differently IMO…but now that the majority rule this country they can at least try to understand what they have been given and see the evolution jump which has taken place in the last few 100 years.

      • Victor

        Add to that, that land was traded for. Anything from cattle to even services. But that is brushed under the carpet and hidden. Can’t let the truth be known. That would harm the propaganda.
        I have to add, yea… land was taken from black and white later on. But we may not add the and or the later on.
        The poor mistreated blacks. Even though there was other races that was treated far worse its always the poor mistreated blacks. Guess what I’m sick of hearing…

        • Civilspider

          And what they do not want to hear is that the land that was taken from black people by the then White Government, wasn’t just given to White people. The government sold the land to white people and we paid the market value for it. So, by the same token The ANC as the current government (taking over the responsabilty) should then compensate the black people for that loss not the white people of the country.

  • Ray Mulder

    Julius is preaching like the ANC in the old days to attract votes. Taking from the whites who also happen to be South African is theft Julius…AND except for the Koi SAN (spelling?) all other blacks came from north africa…so Julius you should have got your degree in ancient history of the migration of the races… your current knowledge lacks the logic you so desperately are trying to apply… and you are incorrect!
    The truth of the matter lies in what took place when the British and the Dutch arrived here and started cultivating the land which the blacks of today had no idea even existed then…except for the Koi…
    I am also not saying that there are not cases where whites have obtained land in dubious ways….AND I agree with you Julius that people who own large amounts of land and do not use it to benefit the people should be given an ultimatum and removed if they do not comply. Look at the game farms who just kill game for the trophy on the wall as well….

  • This is disguised hate speech & because of the audience he is addressing, is inflammatory, lies,,, and what is the law of the country going to do about it? Enough of this incitement to violence!

  • david

    I swear julius is bipolar, one minute whites are sort of okay, the next they are the devil

  • Dewald Alberts

    Jules, tsk, you are losing a whole lot of potential white votes…and black one`s too if I judge how quickly your local office (which was situated in the building next to where my business is located) closed down…and I must add that actually the only business that took place there was your office bearers eating Kfc on the pavement…leaving the debris right there too…

  • Andrew Gillespie

    Juju is the biggest decoy ever created by cANCer – he doesn’t believe the crap he spouts any more than we do. He was groomed by cANCer to be a diversion for the public whenever Corrupt #1 cocked up, which is virtually on a daily basis of late. Juju goes into overdrive every time Corrupt #1 is up to no good or negative news breaks and cANCer need a diversion. Juju creates chaos in Parliament to protect Corrupt #1 at every opportunity – result is Corrupt #1 doesn’t have to answer any prickly questions as the chaos ensues or better still only has to address an opposition-free Parliament who lap up all his smoke and mirror BS explanantions without questioning the validity or sanity of a single statement. Juju paves the way for Corrupt #1 – he was taught to do that while he was part of cANCer and quite frankly he is still part of cANCer. He’s no doubt been promised riches and power beyond his wildest little pea-brained imagination in return for disrupting the democratic process under the guise of trying to bring Corrupt #1 down. Commander-in Chief my arse more like Cockhead In Charge!

  • DP

    I find it amusing that the eff wear their berets with such pride as its of European descent?

  • errollus

    This is hate speech. Why is nothing done?

  • Guy Morel

    If you really believed that Julius, why did you pay for your property in Sandton?

  • CB045

    Is this not inciting people to commit violence? If the EFF want to go back into history perhaps it should go as far back to biblical time.

  • ggher she

    He’s got a point.

    • michael wilson

      Looks pretty round to me.

  • Victor

    And the EFF talk about racism from a lodge letter. Another person was dragged to court over racism and fined an absurd amount. But it’s OK for the EFF to be racist and incite racist violence.

    Down with racism and racist people like Malema.

  • Batman

    Tx bob i mean juju for your part in sending us into junk status. Just keep printing the rands soon we will need a R1m note with you in charge. You win clearly the prize for dumbest person alive was close tie between you and bob…..

  • Betterestdayz

    Choke on your next arv maphuta. ..

  • Jev_LFC

    Well his race sure as F dont own the land either. The Khoisan are the ONLY indigenous people in South Africa. FACT.

    • TestSA

      I’m Khoisan, so yeah give it to me! Or wait, let me come take it all! U okay with that (if you’re not also Khoisan of course).

      • Zaheer

        How about doing it the way – normal people do it – get a financial bond and pay for it !!

        • TestSA

          Well, I’m sorry if your forefathers were brought here as slaves from Malaysia. Now why do I have to pay a bond for land which my forefathers occupied long before the concept of a bond was invented?

          • Zaheer

            Be sorry for nothing. My great grandfather came with alot of wealth. He bought a plantation and employed many people.

            If your forefather gave you a title deed , then you got a land ad well.
            When i look for property , i check property24 , once i got the plot i want, i get to my lawyer Mr.Xolisa who registers the bond and tells me i have to pay the SARS government a transfer duty fee. As taxes keep the government running.

            If you are indigent – government will give you a land – its called RDP housing. Our tax money pays for those projects.

            I wasnt handed anything for free. Even from my grant parents who could have given me wealth. They thought me what i am telling you. Register a bond and work for it.

            Maybe u can get lucky an get a free RDP house. A few of my staff have got – i even helped them apply.

          • TestSA

            Thanks for the advice!

  • TestSA

    Africa was a much more peaceful place before colonization. I don’t like seeing such hatred.

    One has to consider whether such bitterness is valid after so many hundreds of years of terrorism.

    • Bovril 24

      History suggests that it was as primitive before colonisation as it still is now.

  • AK47

    Problem is people believe the drivel he spews. Tired of the us vs them,it will keep us divided for eternity.

  • Thando_Gqabaza

    Here’s your ratings downgrade right here …… Malema will cause us to go to junk ……. Investors are watching these comedy shows , I mean rallies

  • Lusifer Nrasa

    To sit and pray on your knees that God is going to send “Angels” with guns or drop bombs from heaven to solve our problem , you are so misinformed by the very bible you read , mislead by religion and the churches false hopes and broken promises , church only wanting your money, God can only give us the will power to fight.

    He will not do any fighting for you.

    Wake up White Man Wake up . Have you became so weak that words scare you ?.

    Are you weak because your church said DO NOT fight , rather pray.

    You will be saved, rather Then you take your gun put it to your child head and shoot ,put the gun to your wife’s head “shoot” then put the gun in your mouth and shoot .


    Now you ARE saved and all the worldly promises of haven is yours . “COWARD”

    Or can you find the “warrior” in your self to fight for those you love , Pray to God that he “might” keep you safe.

    Protect your land with a gun in your hand , a pistol in your other and if you must a bible in your pocket,

    For this WAR that is Upon us ,is not a holly war BUT A war OF BLOOD AND ANGER.

    comment , like ,share, be one with me’ ready to go to WAR With me ,and if you willing to die for your country . SOLDIER.

    • Civilspider

      if you maybe change your name I would consider reading your posts. You are just freaking scary to say the least.

      Psalm 91:11

    • Zaheer

      I know that God says – you must fight to protect your family and property. I agree with that.

      I however think you have a misconception about WHITE people being cowards.

      Heres the thing – if your 10 year old screams and calls you coward and wants to pick a fight with u do u react or let barking darks bark.

      I go to Boksburg at least every 2nd month. I deal with farmers, and they have no fear.

      The 1 farmer has actually bonded his farm, taken all his money and left it overseas in a bank account – he says – any1 wants the farm – let them have it. Its not even mine to defend.

      Some people win battles win fists others win it even before stepping into the arena.

      Change your thinking – change your world

  • JP

    The story of Malema reminds me of Pinocchio. A boy carved by his father’s hands (Zuma), turns against him in pursuit of Pleasure Island – brainwashed into trading in his school books for a life where boys can do as they please, such as fighting, drinking alcohol, smoking, wrecking the place, ‘occupying land’ and other deeds that good children wouldn’t do. Once the boys had had enough time being bad they would turn in to jackasses and be sold. I wonder if Malema will run back to daddy Zuma one day… such a silly story but so connected to EFF ideology.

  • Shane Barker

    Ha ha ha ha Julius give me a red beret – I

  • Les Tindale

    Owning the land is one thing, it’s what they do with it, have just read an article that even though Malawi have plenty of water their food production will be down 50% this year, one Government minister has suggested that the people eat Mice and Grasshoppers to survive. Would it be any better in South Africa??

  • ConquerGP

    Hate speech again, incitement to violence, when will this morally inept society curb people like this. The worst is the hopeless believe the horrible rhetoric that spills from that evil mouth. The only rightful race that might have that right is the koi-san people. Who were here first. But hey some people choose to make-up history as they go along

  • Brian

    This guy is seriously bad news for SA. Now he thinks that title deeds mean nothing. Amazing how he dreams up this non ownership nonsense to suit his agenda. Talk about an opportunist politician doing anything to get a vote, including destabilizing SA. He recently said that the government will take ownership of all land including flats and then decide who to dole them out to. Funny, in his scenario he is the government so he will own all the land.

  • Riaan

    Well, I have the title deeds to my house – issued by the deeds office of the democratically elected ANC government. So find another way to brainwash your supporters.

  • david

    So TestSA, what do you want the white citizens of SA to do?

  • Zaheer

    Lol, this reminds me of my 3 year old – she screams and says – i sat on this chair 1st – so its my chair. The coach is black – and my hair is black – so i lay claim to this chair.

    So i say – k – keep the chair and enjoy it. Then i tell her she has to give me her R2 to buy water and spray to keep the chair clean. I explain to her as adults we call it rates and taxes.

    She actually grasps the concept and realises that keeping the coach means a maintainance cost.

    She gets off the chair and says – I rather not mess it with chocolate or my R2 will be gone.
    She tells me to take the chair n leave her R2 in the bank so the bankerman will make it grow.

    The story is fictitious, but it reminds me of an old saying. For an intelligent person – a sign or a tale is more than enough.

    (Maybe Malema will see his Merc C63 and other assets to ensure that tractors are bought for the land….hmmm…or is that wishful thinking 4 the land)


    Who ruled the country into being stronger than the $ ??? definitely NOT blacks as far as I can remember..

    • david

      du du da da
      Here he comes to save the day

    • TestSA

      The blacks, coincidently…also never saw any of that money or benefits from it… And you don’t expect them to be not a little peeved about that?

  • Stewart Mandla

    is this Mugabe on the t shirts

  • facepalm

    There are a few parts of the constitution which explicitly state that this can’t happen. If the EFF were to become the ruling party, you would see the DA and the ANC align themselves against this. They would never get the votes needed to change the constitution, and the ConCourt would shut this down in its tracks. They would need to implement it by force, and good luck with that one…lol.

  • Platoon2 alphacoy

    Kom gerus, ek het baie behuising vir elk een van julle…PUNT 45 BEHUISING!

    Lets see if you get fined R 150 000 for that… like hell! Wish we could just get on with the only way to sort this out, I am itching!

  • Wyzak

    Another violation of the constitution, but I guess he’s untouchable?

  • ggher she

    He is right. Whites don’t belong here, they didn’t buy the land. It’s time to kick out the whites who enslaved our ancestors and stole our land. Wake up and go take your farms back.

    • JP

      I would love to leave, but I have this nuisance little green piece of junk that says I am a South African citizen and that I belong here. If you can help me rid myself of that plague then I will gladly vacate ‘your’ land and you can be happy with Malema. Good luck with his aspirations towards Mugabe style leadership, enjoy your free land, free house, free education, free wifi and anti-white sentimentalism. Ignore the fact that Zim is so poor under Mugabe’s reign and that most of it belongs to the Chinese now, and ignore that he is a complete sell-out to greed, just like your ancestors were yearning after the white richess, pathetic that they couldn’t even defend off a single sail ship of white people inflicting such suffering on them – perhaps they weren’t suffering that much or they actually weren’t even there at the time.

  • Renny Meere

    I say, shoot to kill, if someone comes to occupy my land which I paid for through my hardwork, don’t think twice.
    This is typical Malema trying to garnish votes, which he would go live in the prosperous Zimbabwe, stupid idiot.

  • Kevin Seyffert

    Why is this moron not being charged with racism and hate speech???

  • DumbSA

    I wonder what the millions of Africans who don’t get a piece of land from whites will do? Presumably they will need to start occupying land from Africans. That will be fun to watch. What do you say about that Malema?

  • Dropped

    Lets just say that they supposedly get the land… Now what are they going to do with the land? Also i find this comment to be very Racist “You can even hire the children of white people”, this man has no clue what he is doing and he is being a racist. Ranting and Raving and talking kak will only get you so far. A friend of mine recently said that this guy is smart because he targets the illiterate people and by the look of things that is exactly what he is doing as he seems to be winning over the people who do not know what exactly he has planned.

  • C Nicol

    I’m betting the fat, thieving dumb one won’t actually be doing any occupying himself. He will leave that to the moronic masses. Luckily there’s lots of them.

  • MP3

    Ah look, a racist.

  • Loman

    If that isn’t urging people to be violent, I don’t know what is.

    how can Malema get away with this??

  • Azi

    consider my situation for a minute. I rent from a black owned company, thus the land belongs to them and I pay to stay there. What if someone wants to ‘grab’ the land I am currently staying on? must I make a sign as to avoid confusion or must I call the landlord? what if people do not like the first land they get and start fighting for the neighbors cause they have greener grass?

  • Mikhael Rowe

    It’s about all he’s got. Take away his anti-white statements and what has he got left?

  • Nizaam Karjieker

    If you understand our countries history you will agree with what Malema is saying. Yes he is not the most tactful politician out there but 1 thing you cannot fault him on is being a hypocrite. He speaks his mind even to everybody’s disgust and horror but at the end of the day he sticks to his values and beliefs. Gotta respect that. If only I could sit with him and discuss his approach or teach him how to be more tactful…

    • Fanandala

      What are his beliefs? being a liar and a thief. He overplayed his hand, otherwise you can bet he would have done really well in his job a tenderpreneur.

  • Muaaz Asmal

    Our country needs a leader who can speak for ALL the people of this country, someone who treats everyone equally and is not there for the “money” but for the “betterment” of mankind.

    Unfortunately today they are but a few.

    And those few are not given the right to have their voice heard.

    None of the leaders currently from all the parties deserve to lead! They will all spend our tax monies on luxury etc, the temptation will be too much for them and the rich will just get richer while the poor will just get poorer.

    We need someone to step up to the plate, and end this chaos and nonsense once and for all!

  • Seeker911

    I really wish Julius would take a short course in history or read a few books on the history of southern Africa and where the majority of the black people in this country came from. White’s and blacks alike are mostly settlers. Ownership of land was earned and paid for in blood.

  • Leon Lipschitz

    This little BOY needs to grow up
    All he is interested in doing is dragging this wonderful country of ours into a cesspit of violence, crime, civil war, unrest and into dire poverty

  • MasterZu

    Wise Politician or Dictator (in the making). Notice the shirt he is wearing too (as per this article)

  • Valecia Supra

    I wish stupidity would vanish and stop talking nonsense.
    Read the history books man

  • Rob Charlton

    Trying hard to rewrite history with blatant inaccuracies like “when white people came to South Africa, they found black people there, “

  • OscarWildebeest

    Well, let us assume, for argument’s sake, that Malema is right: white people disposessed the blacks (by force) regarding the land, and accordingly must “give it back.” It then follows, by the same token, that blacks have disposessed the San/Khoi people approximately 150 years (prior and onwards) before 1652, and therefore must “give it back.”

    Logically it should thus be: whites should hand the land to the Khoi/San, and return to Holland, and the blacks to Zambia.

  • DreadReveller

    someone needs to take out the trash.

  • Muri

    Lets make a case of racism and incitement to theft. Who’s with me? And let’s retweet his insults and also plaster it all over media. But I know you wont phone him with threatening calls.

  • Colin Edwards

    Everyone of you and that includes Mal-Emmer are full of ……….

  • Ed209

    These sort of comments are interesting when put in context of the current brexit situation. A land grab would cripple an already suffering economy. Trump in the US, Borris in the UK and Malema in SA all have some interesting things in common. Firstly, some of their ideas are actually quite insightful, Malema has often spoken about focusing on education etc which is a great idea but then all of these people supplement these good ideas with nonsense such as taking down ABSA and land grabs which is essentially a way to get rural uneducated people to vote for you. Dangerous game as we are currently seeing in the UK, they are being smashed by the market.

  • George Maraj

    LMFAO this do*s will do anything to get votes , even trying to modify The Fredom Charter

  • seafury

    Why do the blacks own the land then? I was born here so I am African as well!

  • Wessel Pieters

    If he wants land that he was deprived of send to the Great Lakes area. There are some guys there that will work him….they got rid of the Malemas in the first place and send them southwards.
    His types took the land from the Koi-san, starting at the Zambezi southwards.

  • Black_Hat

    You dont either own the land? What stopping us from taking it? Stupid.

  • Franco Del Palucci

    Malema is employing 2 tactics here: 1. Scaremongering to get free exposure like this. 2. He’s also speaking to the unemployed, often uneducated masses who have nothing to lose. Tell them to take back the land…well what do they have to lose?

  • Danien Bodenstein

    Malema is right when he says the land does not belong to the White Man. On the other hand, he is completely wrong when he makes any kind of statement saying land belongs to the black people. In reality and the truth of the matter is, that all white and black people are settlers to this land. And that the only people or culture with full claim to the land, we know as South Africa, belongs to the Koi-Shan. People need to open there eyes to all the lies being fed to them by our corrupt and selfish government, and start focusing on the facts and truths . We all have equal rights to be living in this beautiful country!!!

    • Gideons Bende

      They (Koi) just came here first. It does not mean that ALL the land belongs to them. All the land in whites’ names are legally bought from someone that had ownership before them, irrespective who that someone was and how they got the land in the first place …

  • Jonathan Christen

    So here are my LOLS…
    1: You can even hire the children of the white people… Why not hire the white people, but only their children? Can we hire the parents of the white people too?
    2: If being rich is not about what is in your bank account. Please transfer the content of your bank accounts to me so that I can be poor
    3: The freedom charter says ALL that works and lives on it. Where did it say except white people? Does it say anything about indian, chinese, koi or mixed race? No, it said ALL
    4: If you can, as a black person, just go ahead and occupy the land… What is to stop your followers from coming along and occupying your land Mr Malema? How happy are you going to be about it when they came and build their houses on your property?

    I dont know Mr Malema, it doesnt sound like you thought this plan through. Property belongs to us all. Go and fight with the people who sold the white people their land. Dont fight with the white people who bought the land

    Dear Mr Malema, if you go and buy a car from Mercedes and then Mercedes wants to take this car back… they can’t, they sold it to you. Pay back the money for the property and maybe you can get it back.

    Please sponsor me a work visa in any of my forefather’s countries and I will happily go there. I wont even take all my stuff with me… I will just go.
    However, like your forefathers, mine also brought me to this place.

    So either we going to have to learn to put our forefathers and their issues behind us and move along like a unified nation, or we can all give up hope now. I am not yet ready for option 2 though.

  • Johan Kruger

    If he has a Europian car we can take it without apologizing… Or money, the concept of money came with whites…

  • The BOSS

    One thing I’ll tell you is black South Africans don’t posses enough work ethic to do any farming. They want office computer jobs, which they still struggle to do. And they don’t want to farm it’s that simple

  • [email protected]

    “He said the when white people came to South Africa, they found black people there, they didn’t bring the land with them.”

    When the Ngunis came to South Africa, there were no roads, dams, power stations, fatories etc. and very few formal settlements. The Ngunis didn’t build these, in fact they arrived with the Europeans.

    So, if Malema wants to restore ownership to how it was before the Europeans, please remove all the infrastructure the Europeans introduced from the land first.

    Otherwise, we need to acknowledge that all citizens have contributed in some way to the country.

    The government of the day received payment for land, and they used this money and taxes to fund the infrastructure. If the current government doesn’t want to return the infrastructure to the taxpayers (or their descendants), then if anyone wants land restitution, the government (who inherited the payments from the current owner from the government of the day) need to pay.

    Alternatively, if Malema wants to abolish all land ownership rights, let him lead by example.

  • Gideons Bende

    Bullshit ! The land was there long before the man. The first people arrived and claimed the land. Thereafter it was war and tribes took land from others by force. This was then sold for cattle and therefore transfer of ownership took place. The land belongs to the person that bought it ! If any country declares war on another, it was usually for their land. Trying to take my land from me is declaring war dude …

  • Tony Foley

    1) Is there an actual site that lists who does actually own land; I suspect that a large chunk is owned by the government.

    2) A lot of land in South Africa is almost useless, as it doesn’t get enough rainfall to farm. Who wants to claim it?

    3) Land without the resources to use it (money, skills) is also useless.

    So why are people so hung up about it?

  • Muri

    Malema cant say he will grab land where he governs. Its still the same constitution for all o South Africa.

  • Muri

    Malema is not South African, he’s Zimbarbarian.

  • His ignorance and stupidity is embarrassing, not to mention worrying if the masses actually listen to a thing he says.

  • straight8

    Everytime he opens his mouth, the rand loses value.

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