White people don’t own the land – so take it: Malema

 ·27 Jun 2016

EFF leader Julius Malema has told supporters that they should occupy land illegally and not apologize, as no white person in the country can claim ownership.

Malema was speaking to EFF supporters in KwaZulu Natal at the 61 year anniversary celebrations of the South African Freedom Charter.

According to Malema, all the land in South Africa belongs to the black majority, and as such, if a black person sees a piece of land they like, they should occupy it, because it belongs to them.

He said the when white people came to South Africa, they found black people there, they didn’t bring the land with them.

He agreed with a clause in the Freedom Charter that says that the land belongs to all who work and live on it – however, he said this does not apply to white people.

“If we say that South Africa belongs to whites too it means we are defeating what our forefathers were fighting for,” he said.

Even if white people worked the land, they could not own it. Only once the land had been returned to the black majority, would an EFF government decide on how to ‘give’ land to white people.

According to Malema, the ANC has failed in its duty to uphold the Freedom Charter, and it was up to the people to take the land back.

He has previously stated that he is not specifically fighting against white people, but rather fighting for black people.

“We are not fighting against them (white people)‚ we are not fighting for them either. We are fighting for black people. Anyone who fights for white people is fighting for white people privilege.”

The EFF leader has already indicated that it will promote taking land without compensation in any area it governs.

“Wealth is not what is in your bank account, being rich is to have the land. When you have land you can create jobs. You can even hire the children of white people,” he said.

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