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106 Joburg officials to be arrested on charges of corruption: DA

106 Joburg officials to be arrested on charges of corruption: DA

The DA has announced that 106 Joburg officials will be arrested on allegations of corruption, following an investigation by the city’s anti-corruption unit.

The DA said that it identified 972 transactions that took place in the City of Johannesburg between January 2008 and February 2016, under the ANC government, relating to fraudulent licencing.

This equated to R14.7 million which was lost through corruption, which could have been better spent on service delivery, the party said.

The party announced that 106 officials were identified, and would now face charges of corruption.

Tackling corruption was one of the key promises made by the DA’s Herman Mashaba during his campaigning in 2016.

Upon entering the Gauteng government, Mashaba criticised the former ANC council which had run the municipality before the 2016 elections, alluding to widespread corruption and nepotism which had hampered service delivery in the metro.

He said he would conduct a forensic audit, targeting expenditure and tenders that have raised suspicion, and that “those found guilty of corruption and fraud will go directly to jail.”

Speaking on the latest devolpment, Mashaba said: “I promised to root out corruption. I am proud to say this administration is living up to that promise.”

“The days when corrupt officials would get a gentle slap on the wrist … are over. I will not rest until a clean, responsive and caring administration that puts our residents first becomes a reality in Joburg,” he said.

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  • Razmataz

    Get them!

  • Doesnt_Matter

    Good start, let’s see what sentences they get. Just the tip of a massive iceberg naturally

    • Wurnman

      yeah and SA is the Titanic

      • bengine

        Don’t think so – the Titanic had some life boats …

        • Wurnman

          yeah and who got on, the rich and greedy… like zoomer and co would do

          • bengine

            ‘cept they sold half of them and chopped the others up and sold as firewood …
            When the ship goes under they will survive by making a life raft out of all the public jo citizens floating in the water around them.

      • Emil

        Exactly, how many municipalities is bankrupt ? We know for longtime that this is going on but could not get in to confirm the extent. Now the rotten ANC should spend their days in jail. We will place their faces on posters the next round of elections.

      • Prof. Klinghoffer

        As one economist said: “SA is the slowest train crash in the history.”

        • Joe Black

          It’s been slow? Time really is fun when you’re having flies.

  • Nadim

    R140k per person on average. Not exactly the mother load but should have a lot of those former ANC cadres who got pushed out by the new DA administrations quivering in their Gucci and D&G boots. So pretty excellent.

    • keithbe

      The number of implicated cadres is staggering and the real concern.

    • l0cal_user

      I think its more a case of a few top dogs making a ton of cash and hiring friends and family to keep their corruption strong. What you dont see in that number are the salaries being paid out to people who shouldnt be in positions to earn what they are. That figure is just the obvious “where did it go”.

      • baasted_123

        so get these “nobodies” to roll on the big dogs.

        • l0cal_user

          If we didnt live in a culture of tribal “chief is boss, chief is always right” mentality you may be onto something.

      • Nadim

        That’s a very good point! +1

  • Touljier

    The man warned. The scurvy cousin dared. The man delivered on his warning.

    Well done Sir. You show how applying the basics of leadership can deliver results.

    Scurvy cousins…..your days are numbered!

  • Wurnman

    Good luck DA…

  • Literally Mario

    I can only imagine if it was discovered that these officials were corrupt under the ANC rule, the headlines would probably look like this:

    “76 officals to be transferred to ambassador posts over the world, 20 transferred to the dept. of basic education, 10 transfered to dept. of women, children and the disabled.”

  • Ubaba meet Baba

    Love it!

    The citizens of SA deserve so much more that the ANC. Why must we accept corruption in government? Why must we accept corruption in education?

    Great work DA! Root them all out and treat them like they treat the poor guy that stole a loaf of bread to feed his children, yet spends 3 months in jail.

  • Who am i

    Its a good step, but the DANC should attend to the ever declining standards in the Western Cape. City Officials just doing what they want and being arrogant with no accountability to the citizenry they are meant to serve.

    I know I will get flamed for this but its ok, the DA – ANC light. No difference in their manifesto and no difference in their Leadership. Liberals will always remain the same.

    PS. I actually have experienced the dark side of the DANC and thus im not a smurf anymore.

    • Brian

      All corruption must be exposed so I hope you reported whatever issue it was that you encountered. I have no doubt that there would be some issues in the W Cape but there are huge differences between the DA and ANC. I am hopeful that the DA will do something about it where corruption in the ANC is pervasive. Realistically, the only choice the voters have in SA is the DA if power is to be taken away from the ANC. If the DA fails then a plan B will be needed but, while not perfect, I think they are as good as one could hope for.

  • Lupe

    Hopefully these lead to some convictions, good on you mayor Mashaba

  • Rob Charlton

    Rather report on this when something has actually happened. So far, it is a wish list.

  • victory

    JHB and PTA must remain under DA for years to come

  • This is the waste of time the money they will spend in court will be more R14.7 million. Why they don’t put measures to prevent future corruption.

    • l0cal_user

      I would say its a worthwhile investment, these people are corrupt and broken… you cant just leave them in their positions – without legal implications, they just stick around like a temporarily benign std, waiting for the next opportunity to flair up.

  • Prof. Klinghoffer

    What ONLY 106?

    Probably typing error. 106 000 crooked ANC cadres would be more accurate.

  • Peter the Observer

    As you said just the tip of the iceberg… and naturally proudly brought to you by the ANC lead by number 1 !!

  • bookworm

    About time this got sorted, the money wasted and stolen could have been put to far better use. It could have built some schools in and around Jhb for a start, or hired more teachers. A lot of very competent teachers were “retired” prematurely, as were a number of schools, and it is showing – the education chickens are coming home to roost. I heard some guy on 702 this morning refer to the Americans as a bunch of “ignorant hicks” for voting in Trump, and I suggest that the Americans may not be the” ignorant hicks” in this equation. Hillary Clinton lost, including in what were previous Democrat stronghold states as well, which should tell us all what the voters think of her. The issues around her and the Clintons, were well publicised, as well as the way they took money from big business and made deals with them. Some of the same sort of stuff going on here. The Americans are prepared to give this Trump dude a chance to “put America first” and those American who say they didn’t vote for him, well who the heck did , because Trump got quite a majority! Interesting that he is going to take only 1 US$ per year as the presidential salary. So let’s see if he can do the job before we all carp and criticise – who amongst us will be able to do it better??

    • The Dave

      On a technicality, Clinton got almost 2.9 million votes more than Trump. He did win the Electoral College vote though.

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    So that means that they will have removed 1% of the rotten officials.

    • Brian

      One step at a time

    • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

      There’s way more than 1060 rotten anc officials. This a drop in the bucket, but it’s a start.

      • Ron

        Your math failed you there 🙂

        • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

          Wahahaha, it did indeed. 🙂 1% still on the low side.

  • Brattex

    Amandla! Nkandla!

  • Brian

    Go DA! Well done Herman! What a breath of fresh air. Gives a tiny glimmer of hope for SA.

  • Mo

    Nice job Herman – keep digging. 106 down, The rest must be having sleepless nights.

  • K-man

    ANC has made it too easy for the opposition, one article on 106 ‘corrupt officials’ and the gallery goes hallelujah, meanwhile crime is still rampant, the city is still filthy and we still have serious traffic issues. Where are those plans Herman? Oh wait that’s government’s problem….

  • Marc Eden

    Since when does anyone from the ANC go to jail. They will all be promoted. Its crazy to think that anyone actually believes they will be arrested. And if any do get arrested they will simply be placed in some private hospital, (ref shabir shake, jackie salebie) The anc does exactly what it wants, knowing nothing will ever happen

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