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Ex Eskom boss Brian Molefe will be sworn in as an MP

Ex Eskom boss Brian Molefe will be sworn in as an MP

The South African Parliament has confirmed that former Eskom chief executive Brian Molefe will be sworn in as a member of parliament for the North West ANC.

“Parliament wishes to acknowledge the nomination of Mr Brian Molefe to fill a vacancy on the North west list of ANC members of Parliament, which is depleted. Presiding Officers of Parliament will determine a date for swearing him in as a Member of Parliament,” Parliament said.

Molefe who was at first seen as the key player in bringing Eskom back in line, has become a controversial figure after being implicated in the wider Gupta state capture scandal.

The executive resigned as CEO of Eskom at the end of 2016 following the release of the Public Protector’s State Capture report, in which he was implicated as having a close relationship with the Gupta family.

The report contained phone call records, showing that Molefe and the Gupta brothers had made over 44 phone calls to each other in a small window of time.

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This was over and above allegations contained in the report that the Gupta family had received preferential treatment by Eskom, and were even ‘bailed out’ by the power utility, where Eskom funded the family’s acquisition of Optimum coal mines.

It has been speculated that Molefe is being primed to replaced finance minister Pravin Gordhan in an imminent cabinet reshuffle.

Analysts have been expecting a reshuffle for a number of months, but understood that the process had been delayed because president Jacob Zuma wanted Molefe to move into a more prominent position – however he needed to be elected as an MP first.

According to research analysts at Nomura, while the baseline view is that it is unlikely that finance minister Pravin Gordhan will be booted (which would have disastrous consequences for the economy), there is a higher chance that deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas will get the chop.

If Molefe is appointed as deputy finance minister, he will have control over the Public Investment Corporation, which would be enough for president Zuma to execute his various strategies, while not upsetting the economy too much, Nomura said.

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  • victory

    Where’s frrr frrr Gwede Mantashe, Anc is beyond repair

  • Ubaba meet Baba

    How are we still allowing this to happen citizens? This is suicide in slow motion.

    • Lacrimose Wolfe

      They learnt well from the East. Death by 1000 cuts

    • Thabi Nzuza

      My question how possible is it to have a tax revolt?

      • White Guy…Deal with it!

        Well, it’s not easy, expectantly so though.
        It can only happen when civil society decides to do so in setting up a bank account for the funds to be deposited into. It’s not a “no pay” scenario, just a “not paying you” one. Those funds then accumulate and eventually the corrupt state is broke. Game over.

        But yes, not easy in any respect! I think OUTA and possibly Save SA could take the helm on this. OUta probably the more established group.

        But yeah, all it takes is to tell your boss you no longer support the current govt and request your tax deduction be paid into a different account. It’s not their money and they have no option but to comply with your request.

  • In your face

    And the Gupta’s are all smiling. Our new minister of Finance. Rubbish status coming up.

  • OptimisticPessimist

    Move up Gordhan. You’re out after the 22nd

    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      Yup, and it will be followed by a downgrade and collapsing ZAR.

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    Proof again that you need to be a criminal in order to be part of the Zuma clan.

    • John Phoenix

      A honest man can’t be held to an ultimatum, there is no leverage other than money by which you can bend him to your will, so the bigger the axe the more pliable these tools become.

  • koos

    Also there are several shebeens available in the precincts

  • Reaver

    It’s like they *want* to lose the next national election

  • lino_lupus

    The decision by the jury of Indian Barmen Trio at the ANC Saxonwold Tavern is implemented and in full swing……No chirps from anywhere heard…..

  • Madimetsha

    This is obviously a very loooooong erect median finger to everyone else, this is obviously done intentional to spite all those anti-ANC

  • Ga77a

    Yet another retiree. Brian didn’t name names and maintained the façade that all was well at Eskom. Now he gets his reward. Another ‘economically transfomed’ South African.

    • Thabi Nzuza

      Arghhh transformation my voet!

  • RodneyVikens

    Pravin Gordhan must start his own party.

  • Frank Payne

    What a miscarriage of governance!

  • Oran Gutan

    A criminal record is a requirement for ANC parliamentarian! I believe 60% of them already have a criminal record.

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