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Cracks in ANC alliances laid bare: report

Cracks in ANC alliances laid bare: report

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has given the ANC an ultimatum to denounce the Guptas, give MP Brian Molefe the boot and deal with Sassa, or else the party will openly campaign for Zuma to go.

According to a report by the City Press, citing insiders from the meeting between the two parties this past week, the SACP has become frustrated with how the ANC conducts itself, mentioning that the party also needs to stop using state organs to settle political scores

It is also not a fan of recently-elected MP, Brian Molefe, for his proximity to the Gutpas, as well as his involvement with Eskom, and has called for him to be removed from Parliament, the paper said.

The City Press said that SACP second deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila confirmed some of the mentioned talking points, and also expressed “concern” over the ANC’s leadership, which has failed to unite the party.

The SACP is one of the key parties in the ANC’s tripartite alliance – the other group being Cosatu – and has become increasingly vocal, standing against the ANC on many issues.

The party has been especially harsh against the Gupta family and its association with government, and has called for their citizenship to be revoked.

Cabinet ministers who are part of the SACP have also been those who have openly challenged president Jacob Zuma (most notably being finance minister Pravin Gordhan) and are said to have become targets.

Analysts believe that in any imminent cabinet reshuffle (which is expected in the coming weeks, if at all) SACP ministers will be targeted and removed, to silence the voices of dissent in Zuma’s government.

You can read the full report in the City Press for 19 March 2016.

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  • OWL

    The sooner it explodes, the better.

  • Sotja

    Toothless SACP, nothing will happen here. The SACP has been behaving like an abused woman who keeps returning to the abuser.

  • fred

    Too little , too late. But it is ok , this all will lead to the ANC’s downfall . They are so full of themselves , SA does not need them.

  • Robert Dixon

    One has to wonder how it is that the sacp has such influence when it has so few members (around 250,000 in 2015) and relied on COSATU for support (even office space) for years.
    Why are they part of the tri-partite alliance if they are so small?

    More than meets the eye here.
    Their links with the Soviet Union even went so far as one of their members being a KGB colonel!

    • Oran Gutan

      ANC doesn’t have too many members either. Even though shocked Zuma couldn’t enunciate the number in the Parliament, their number is slightly more than
      700 000.

      It makes you wonder how can so few have so much influence in the running of the country. It seems that you can “fool most of the people most of the time”.

  • Scott Robinson

    Who would ever have thought it…..agreeing with commies!

  • Peter the Observer

    The wheels are coming off the self inflicted ANC wagon!!!
    Good riddance!!

  • Michael Lewis

    The SAC-Who? Good news but they’re an irrelevance.

  • the-TRUTH

    Looking forward to the unmendable break and explosion of the ANC tripartite alliance…

  • Rob Charlton

    So their principles are open to negotiation?

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    “Com is the road bumpy??
    “No chief, it’s the wheels…”

  • victory

    Vote of no confidence against is the only way to go

  • Laughing Leprechaun

    While I would agree with the SACP in this instance they are so small and insignificant that the ANC will just suggest that they make a procreational departure.

  • Ray Mulder

    The Communists think they actually make a difference… But by supporting the ANC for years just proves that their real motive was merely to get a few seats in government because without this they would be just another little party struggling to survive. All the communists in government have as much a clue as the ANC of how to run a country.

  • Boer Afrikaner

    Well, hello. A common enemy is identified, uniting SA for the the first time since Mandela. Great news!

  • Rob Charlton

    Conditional support says that their principles are for sale to the highest bidder.

  • BallsToTheWall

    Well, the best way to eat an elephant is in small pieces.

    If the imminent cabinet re-shuffle does in fact target SACP members – we’ll that will be yet another nail in the ANC coffin…It will all culminate in the 2019 elections. 2019 does seem like a long way off – but I think it’s probably the best opportunity to bring about change.

    The future of our beautiful country is in the hands of this generation of voters.

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