This is what Maimane, Malema and other South African MPs are getting paid

 ·13 Dec 2018

President Cyril Ramaphosa has gazetted the official salaries for South Africa’s ministers and parliamentarians

Earlier this week, Ramaphosa declared that there will be no annual salary increases for the deputy president as well as cabinet ministers at a time when the economy is experiencing hardships.

While the Independent Commission on the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers has recommended an increase of 4% across all categories of public office bearers, president Ramaphosa has determined otherwise.

“President Ramaphosa’s decision not to follow the Commission’s recommendations is informed by the imperative that the state be considerate, responsive and demonstrate restraint, especially during periods of economic hardship, when determining the level of salary increases for public representatives,” said the Presidency.

Salaries and allowances of the Constitutional Court judges and judges of other courts will be increased by 2.5%.

In provincial executives, Premiers, Members of Executive Councils and Speakers will not receive a salary increase.

With regard to Members of Parliament, a 2.5% increase will apply to categories ranging from House Chairperson, Chief Whip: Majority Party, Leader of the Opposition and Whips, to Members of the National Assembly and permanent delegates to the National Council of Provinces.

Members of provincial legislatures will receive a 2.5% salary increase, and Magistrates will benefit from a 4% salary adjustment, as will office bearers in of both national and provincial houses of traditional leaders.

Kings and Queens will be eligible for a 2.5% increase.

As leader of the opposition in parliament, DA leader Mmusi Maimane will get a salary of R1.6 million – the same level as ANC chief whip, Jackson Mthembu.

As leader of a minority party, EFF leader Julius Malema will get paid R1.3 million – the same as chief whip of the opposition, John Steenhuisen.

Other whips will get paid R1.2 million, just ahead of standard members of parliament, who will get paid R1.1 million.

These are the salaries will apply for the 2018/19 year.

Deputy President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers

Role Total Remuneration
Deputy President R2 825 470
Ministers R2 401 633
Deputy Ministers R1 977 795

Members of the National Assembly and Permanent Delegates to the National Council of Provinces

Role Total Remuneration
Speaker of the National Assembly
Chairperson of the NCOP
R2 825 470
Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly
Deputy Chairperson of the NCOP
R1 977 795
House Chairperson R1 882 488
Chief Whip of the Majority Party
Chief Whip of the NCOP
Parliamentary Council President
Parliamentary Council Deputy President
Leader of the Opposition
R1 600 467
Chairperson of a Committee R1 455 015
Deputy Chief Whip of the Majority Party
Chief Whip of the largest Minority Party
Leader of a Minority Party
R1 309 563
Whip R1 215 210
Member of the National Assembly
Permanent Delegate of the NCOP
R1 106 940

Premiers, Members of the Executive Council and Members of the Provincial Legislatures

Role Total Remuneration
Premier R2 260 409
Member of Executive Council
R1 977 795
Deputy Speaker R1 600 467
Chief Whip of the Majority Party R1 455 015
Chairperson of Committees
Leader of the Opposition
R1 309 566
Deputy Chairperson of Committees
Deputy Chief Whip of the Majority Party
Chief Whip of the largest Minority Party
Leader of a Minority Party
R1 232 070
Parliamentary Councillor to a King / Queen
R1 106 940
Member of Provincial Legislature R1 071 351

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