ANC says it will continue with Covid grants and tax relief for business

The ruling African National Congress has published its election manifesto ahead of the local government elections in November.

The local government elections will occur amid some of the most severe challenges the county has faced since our first democratic elections in 1994, says president Cyril Ramaphosa.

“As the ANC, we admit that progress has not been sufficient. Many municipalities have not delivered as they should have. There is corruption, waste and under-spending. We are getting rid of corrupt and self-serving councillors.”

Ramaphosa said that the ANC has now introduced the ‘step aside’ rule for those in the ANC charged with corruption or other serious crimes.

He added that in several communities, water is lost through leaks due to poor maintenance.

“Electricity supply is not stable. Refuse is not collected regularly in some communities. And in a few areas, raw sewage flows in the streets of the recycling economy value chain. We are working hard to fix these problems.”

Ramaphosa said that the ANC was also looking at several new policy proposals which will shape the country in the future.

Some of the key proposals in the ANC’s election manifesto are outlined below.

  • Continue to provide special Covid-19 grants and various support measures for workers and tax relief for businesses.
  • Strengthen the public health system to build the National Health Insurance (NHI) system.
  • Food prices will be closely monitored, and food’s affordability tracked for the majority of people.
  • Ensure the unrestricted development of urban and pavement gardens where crops can be planted to increase food security.
  • Continue to upgrade informal settlements and counter urban sprawl as it increases travel time and cost.
  • Subjecting mayors and senior managers to lifestyle audits to limit the scope for corruption.
  • Requiring mayors and councillors to sign performance agreements with agreed targets against which they will be measured.
  • Amend and repeal restrictive municipal by-laws on trading, land-use, urban production of crops, etc.
  • Remove people from office who fail to do what they are paid to do.
  • Fix roads, potholes, sewage spillages and broken water pipes.
  • Create jobs and drive economic development.

“We are mindful of the mistakes we have made,” Ramaphosa said. “In the last elections, in 2019, we promised that we would spare no effort to renew the ANC, to end state capture, crime and corruption, create jobs and work to meet the needs of our people.”

He said that the party had made substantial progress in rebuilding the ANC, and resources were being mobilised to support the vulnerable during a time of great hardship.

“Now is the time to make these changes at a local level. Let us, together in partnership, continue to work together to improve conditions and provide opportunities in our communities,” he said.

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ANC says it will continue with Covid grants and tax relief for business