The most unnecessarily expensive gadgets

Some people are never content with the “ordinary” gadgets and tools we make use of in our every day lives, and as such, choose to seek out extravagent, exhorbitant and downright silly expensive ways to go about doing convetional activities.

From the latest smartphones to simply going to the loo – if someone is willing to pay a premium price, here’s proof that there exists a designer who is willing to make something to match their needs.

And then cover it in gold and diamonds.

High-tech toilet – R57,576.32

Numi toilet
Numi toilet

The average human spends half a year to a year on the toilet throughout their entire lifetime – so why not make that time as luxurious as possible?

The Numi toilet is just a toilet, really, but with a price tag of around $6,400 (R57,576.32), you’d expect so much more.

The high-tech bathroom throne is motion-activated, sensing when you enter the room, preparing itself for deposits. It packs in a integrated air dryer, a deadorizer – and of course a seat and feet warmer for those cold winter days.

It also has built-in speakers for some music playback – and comes with its own high-tech touch-panel controller to manage all the fancy features.

Crystal vacuum cleaner – R173,988.44

Electrolux vacuum
Electrolux crystal vacuum

No one really likes cleaning up the house, especially if it’s with the same old lame duck vacuum cleaner you bought on special over the last weekend.

Perhaps a little bling can help tide you over those boring hours of laborious home care.

For just $19,340 (R173,988.44), you can vacuum in style with the special Black Edition of Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum Cleaner, encrusted with 3,730 Swarovski crystals.

If one of the crystals comes loose, however, we hope you manage to hit the power switch before you find yourself rummaging through the collected filth.

The golden Wii – R4,2 million

Golden Wii
Golden Nintendo Wii

Nintendo’s Wii console, while never matching Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Sony’s Playstation 3 in terms of technical prowess in this generation, still managed to sell over 150 million units across the globe.

The console’s main draw – aside from its innovative approach to interacting with games – was the video game console’s relatively low price point.

Unless, of course, you count the limited edition golden Wiis, which go for about $466,462.23 a pop.

Gold-crazy designer, Stuart Hughes, put the pieces together, conjuring a Wii chassis out of 2.5 kilograms of 22 carat gold, as well as 78 diamonds.

There’s nothing a solid gold Wii can do for Nintendo’s lack of third-party developer support and other financial woes – but it would certainly look very striking in the living room.

Gold speakers – R49,1 million

Hart speakers
Hart speakers

Hart Audio’s “D&W Aural Pleasure” loudspeakers may not be the sleekest sound pounders on the market, but they will definitely catch your eye.

Taking over-priced luxury items to a new level, even the cheapest verions of these speakers – made of solid manganese bronze – are more expensive than a BMW 3 series, clocking in at $62,196.00 for a pair.

That’s R561,374.88 for the cheapest speakers.

The solid fine silver version will set you back $310,980.00 (R2,806,874.38) – while the top of the range solid 18 carat gold, packing 100kgs of cold, according to the company, will nail you for $5,442,150.00 (R49,120,301.69).

Oh, and that’s excluding VAT.

It may be prudent to stick to stereo and forego opting for 7.1 surround sound.

Black Diamond iPhone 5 – R140 million

Black Diamond iPhone 5
Black Diamond iPhone 5

Yet another exhorbitant demonstration of unnecessary excess from Stuart Hughes, this iPhone 5 modification is over the top golden overkill to the highest degree.

The solid 24 carat gold iPhone 5 chassis is encrusted with 53 flawless diamonds, and features a 26 carat deep cut black diamond as its home button.

The asking price? over $15.5 million.

That’s right, for a cool R140 million, you can own one of the most expensive pimped-out gadgets in the world.

While this particular device was a one-off for a Chinese businessman who owned the black diamond used for the phone, other, equally as flashy golden iPhone 5s are also available.

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The most unnecessarily expensive gadgets