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Your business is unique, and so are the solutions that you need. Give your company the competitive edge with Bytes Technology Group.

This services-led, software-driven and hardware-enabled organisation focuses on providing value-added products, services and solutions, driven by market demand.

Bytes Technology Group markets, supports and maintains enterprise-wide, end-to-end technology solutions and related services that enable medium to large enterprises to effectively deliver their offerings to end consumers.

These solutions our outlined below.

Bytes Document Solutions

Bytes Document Solutions offers a comprehensive range of products and services through its independent business unit: Xerox.

The company markets and services the complete range of Xerox document equipment, software solutions and services as the authorised distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bytes Managed Solutions

Bytes Managed Solutions (Bytes MS) leverages on partnerships, thought leadership and capabilities to deliver world class technology solutions and related services.

It is the exclusive distributor for NCR products in South Africa and strategically partners with Dell, HP, Lenovo, Alcatel, Burroughs, Unity, Postec, Unisys, Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco, and delivers complete solutions for the financial, retail, petroleum and infrastructure sectors.

Bytes MS enables businesses with over 107 service points, backed by extensive supply chain and logistics management, and supports in excess of 1 200 000 devices in more than 46 500 locations throughout South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Bytes People Solutions

Bytes People Solutions (BPS) is a professional provider of business process outsourcing and talent management services.

BPS is a trusted advisor for a large number of blue-chip companies in South Africa, analysing their business processes and gaining insight into solutions for the optimisation of their organisations.

The solutions vary depending of the business requirement, and include new services and products related to the specific business task.

The services and products address the implementation of strategic ideas on the operational level and include contact centres, skills development, talent management and related technology solutions.

Bytes Secure Transactions Solutions

Bytes Secure Transaction Solutions (BSTS) focuses specifically on healthcare IT and eCommerce solutions, managed payment solutions and electronic transactions.

It comprises of Med-e-Mass, MediSwitch, Altech Card Solutions, and Altech NuPay.

Med-e-Mass provides front-end practice management applications, such as debtor’s management systems that assist medical practiceswith office management and financial record-keeping routines.

MediSwitch is a leading provider of electronic claim-switching services in South Africa, including real-time and batch submission of medical claims and related transactions for the majority of medical service providers.

Altech Card Solutions provides payment acceptance terminals, card personalisation and financial transaction services.

Altech NuPay is the leader in managed electronic payment and collection solutions, offering proven business solutions within the authenticated (terminal based, card present), non-authenticated (card not present) and web-based product space, providing a secure solution for payment collections to all industries.

Bytes Systems Integration

Bytes Systems Integration (Bytes SI) is a specialist outsource service provider that designs, implements, services and manages customised ICT services and solutions.

Bytes SI provides a full range of IT infrastructural and ISP services and maintains extensive leading vendor partnerships to deliver world-class technology both in South Africa and across its borders.

These services are provided throughits wholly owned, full service companies located throughout South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe, as well as a network of partners in other territories.

Bytes Universal Systems

Bytes Universal Systems, designs, develops and implements specialised solutions.

With over 480 highly skilled and experienced team members, Bytes Universal Systems provides a portfolio of services, software and solutions directed at solving business critical customer problems.

Bytes Universal Systems also provides insights to enable innovative solutions that add value to customers on their terms.

Bytes Universal Systems has the flexibility to source value adding solution components from global partners or develop local in-house solutions that match the requirements of customers throughout South Africa and Africa.

For more information, please visit the Bytes Technology Group website.

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Get the right enterprise solutions for your business