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What SnapScan can do for South African retail businesses

Today every industry, but especially the retail industry, is experiencing pressure to implement digital solutions in order to remain competitive.

Some of the big trends affecting retailers today include retail-as-a-service, the use of AI in the buyer journey, omnichannel sales and marketing, and of course, mobile payments.

Evolving checkout processes are one of the fastest growing trends in the retail space, as users are demanding better and more flexible shopping experiences and payment processes.

Because of this, cashless payments and omnichannel options are becoming the norm, putting forward the business case for mobile payments, as they provide customers with a consistent experience.

In fact, retailers that are reconfiguring their systems to accommodate increasing mobile customers – who expect multichannel options which support quick and secure digital payments – are more likely to see a boost in sales and growth.

SnapScan integrations with TabletPOS in a retail space.

SnapScan’s mobile payment solutions for retailers

SnapScan offers quick, easy, and secure mobile payment solutions to retailers so their customers can enjoy the convenience of paying on the fly. Mobile payments can also mean that staff spend less time processing payments, as SnapScan can be integrated with a variety of leading point-of-sale systems.

Businesses that offer delivery services can give their drivers a lanyard with a SnapCode (unique QR code) so customers can pay for goods or services during delivery.

Retailers that have an online store can use SnapScan to offer a streamlined and consistent experience to their customers across multiple platforms.

The overall benefits for businesses and customers include:

  • Safety and security: Customers can pay via their mobile phone and retailers can rest assured knowing that extensive security measures are in place.
  • Speed: It’s fast, as customers simply need to scan the display code at a till point.
  • Convenience: There is no need to carry cash around and paying via SnapScan offers a frictionless experience.
  • Cashless: As customers won’t be using cash, it is easier for businesses to authenticate and formalise transactions.

SnapScan is a mobile payments solution with a variety of payment options available for retailers. To find out more, visit the SnapScan website.

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What SnapScan can do for South African retail businesses