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Web design for start-ups that want to fast-track their success in 2020

With access to the same quality of marketing, start-ups can now compete with their big competitors on the digital playground.

Web Partner, South Africa’s leading Web Design Agency dedicated to small business, cautions new business owners to not fall prey to the obstacles of the digital realm and the effect it can have on their investment into digital marketing.

While entrepreneurship is hugely encouraged in South Africa, a lack of digital marketing knowledge contributes to the failure rate of start-ups and small businesses alike.

Digital transformation for businesses in South Africa is a MUST, but start-ups need clear direction and a strategy to fast-track their success and make them stand out from the crowd.

A professional website for any business is crucial, it is however important to understand, a website is merely the starting point in establishing a digital footprint for your business.

DON’T spend thousands on a website

  • A large once-off investment into web design is NOT a good idea. As a start-up, your funds need to be distributed strategically and cost-effective solutions does not mean you have to sacrifice on quality.
  • For as little as R499 a month, with No Setup Fees, you can get a fully functional, modern website that includes your domain, hosting, emails and monthly maintenance.

Fixed-term contracts are a big NO

  • When you’re starting out, you want to ensure that you invest your money wisely. Start with small investments and measure the return of the investment. As the return grows, so can the amount you invest.
  • Never bind yourself to a contract until you can see the return on investment – OR until you can see a return on investment, never bind yourself to a contract.

A website alone is NOT enough

  • A website on its own will NOT generate business. In order for you to better your chances in acquiring clients, you need to have a marketing plan.
  • Spend the money you’ll save on the once-off design cost, on advertising.

With experience and knowledge, Web Partner guides you step-by-step through the hype of Web Design, Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing and Brand Conversation to reach your businesses’ full potential.

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This article was published in partnership with Web Partner.

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Web design for start-ups that want to fast-track their success in 2020