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World-class Android and iOS app development for London-based companies

Codehesion has helped numerous companies to develop and launch world-class mobile apps, and is now offering its services to London-based companies.

Codehesion is South Africa’s leading mobile app development company, with many successful projects under its belt.

The company was founded by Hector Beyers – a highly experienced software architect who holds a Master’s in Computer Engineering (Cum Laude) from the University of Pretoria.

Beyers has built a highly-qualified team of software engineers and computer scientists who specialises in Android and iOS app development.

This specialisation helps Codehesion to build mobile apps faster and more affordably than its competitors.

Codehesion offers many benefits to UK-based companies who use them for app development:

  • A favourable exchange rate makes it more affordable to produce a world-class mobile app.
  • Access to highly-qualified and experienced software developers at a much lower rate than UK-based competitors.
  • Operating in the same time-zone makes discussions and project support seamless.

Beyers said they are very proud of having a 100% project success rate, which shows the power of the company’s simple consultation and software-development process.

“Our processes allow us to move from a company showing an interest in our services to starting on the project within a week, which is unrivalled,” said Beyers.

Free consultation

Codehesion makes it really easy for businesses to launch their own mobile apps, which include a free consultation.

To discuss your business’ mobile app idea with Codehesion, complete the form below.

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World-class Android and iOS app development for London-based companies