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Mustek and Huawei accelerate digital transformation with powerful cloud capabilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how digital “connectedness” can boost the world’s adaptability and resilience to a major crisis.

Remote working has become the default for many employees, with video communications and a larger suite of digital solutions helping companies manage their teams and processes effectively.

This is no less true for our communities at large, for city communications, and for municipal and governmental organisations.

Cloud computing is a key enabler of this digital transformation and can help drive innovation by empowering organisations to leverage technologies like big data analytics, machine learning, augmented reality, chatbots, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

A cloud-delivered and cloud-enabled business model helps enterprises to reduce IT infrastructure complexity, focus on digital transformation, and discover new channels for increasing customer outreach.

By embracing the cloud, your business can modernise its IT infrastructure and start to think about how it might serve customers digitally in new and innovative ways.

Considering this, Mustek is proud to debut its Huawei cloud competency and has been signed on as a HUAWEI CLOUD SERVICES distributor.

World-leading cloud solutions

HUAWEI CLOUD distils over 30 years of accumulated technology, innovation, and expertise in the ICT infrastructure field to offer customers everything as a service.

By the end of 2019, HUAWEI CLOUD had launched over 200 cloud services and 190 solutions.

News agencies, social media platforms, law enforcement, automobile manufacturers, gene sequencing organizations, financial institutions, and a long list of other industry customers are benefiting in significant ways from the HUAWEI CLOUD.

3,500 applications have been added to the HUAWEI CLOUD marketplace with offerings from more than 10,000 business partners.

Together Huawei and Mustek can empower South African enterprises in the best environment with stable, secure, and ever-improving HUAWEI CLOUD services and affordable, inclusive AI.


The Huawei Mustek Cloud provides scalable, on-demand computing resources in a strategy that sees information transmission functioning from end to end.

Starting at the consumer level, Huawei is a globally-recognised brand offering impressive products and services – including smart devices such as smartphones, wearables, smart home devices, vehicle-mounted terminals and life services.

It also works as a strategic partner with global service providers and carriers with connectivity solutions spanning wireless, fixed, core, enterprise and IoT networks, in addition to operational support systems and Intelligent O&M.

Furthermore, it operates a range of stable, secure, trustworthy, and innovative Cloud products and services, delivering affordable, effective, reliable, and inclusive AI.

This includes storage and servers, data centres, private cloud, public cloud, video surveillance, enterprise communications, network energy, IoT, Enterprise AI, Big Data and Analytics.

With local currency support, Huawei Mustek Cloud customers are not exposed to fluctuations in exchange rates, avoiding the added impact of financial volatility.

Let Huawei and Mustek accelerate the digital transformation of your business with agile Cloud solutions.

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This article was published in partnership with Mustek.

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Mustek and Huawei accelerate digital transformation with powerful cloud capabilities