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Lifestyle banking is evolving with the Super App by Nedbank

The Super App is a tech evolution that has officially hit the South Africa consumer market. Avo brings to South Africa what the Super App powerhouses of Southeast Asia brought to their respective economies. Offering the ultimate in mobile convenience, the app landscape is set to change forever.

Avo by Nedbank is the first Super App to land on the African continent, which is rapidly scaling both its customer and business bases.

Before we start driving benefits and experience, it’s crucial for us to demystify what a Super App actually is in its simplest form.

“A Super App is many apps within an umbrella app. It’s an Operating System that unbundles the tyranny of apps. It’s the portal to the Internet for a mobile-first generation,” said Ray Naicker, Nedbank Chief Digital Officer.

Avo combines a marketplace of merchants, business partners and consumer driven e-commerce leaders to provide the ultimate in mobile living.

With bank-grade single sign-on, the need to have separate apps all with their own credentials, makes Avo simple, convenient, and safe. As more businesses and partners join the platform, customers will get immediate access without the need for yet another app.

Being underpinned by Nedbank, all customers get an Avo Wallet on sign-up, the swiss army knife of digital wallets. With built-in payment reservation (escrow), buyers and sellers are ensured protection in all relevant transactions within Avo. This guarantees that all participants on the platform can transact with trust and confidence.

And it’s not only end consumers benefitting from the all-encompassing Super App, businesses can sign-up to become a merchant and gain immediate access to the fastest growing marketplace, where they can do business with confidence, knowing they will always get paid.

Avo is now available in both the Apple and Google app stores. Nedbank clients can sign-in to Avo through the Nedbank Money™ app, with a 2-click registration process.

With a super-lightweight data footprint, Avo is also available through a Progressive Web App version, which has all the functionality of the native apps.

Avo is growing and evolving daily, on the path to change South African lives forever. All we can say is, watch this space, more big things are yet to come.

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Lifestyle banking is evolving with the Super App by Nedbank