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Big growth in advertising on BusinessTech

BusinessTech has a seen a big growth in the number of advertising campaigns booked with it over the past six months.

With more South Africans spending the majority of their time online, businesses have taken advantage of the excellent exposure BusinessTech advertising campaigns provide.

BusinessTech is the largest business news website in the country and is read by 6 million South Africans every month.

The majority of these readers are CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, business owners, company directors, managers, and working professionals.

Best advertising campaigns

BusinessTech offers a range of advertising options to businesses who want to reach its audience of business and purchasing decision makers.

There are, however, several campaign types which stand out above the rest in terms of delivering the best performance.

These campaigns are:

  • Sponsored Articles – Sponsored articles continue to give companies great exposure, educate potential clients about a company’s products and services, and provide an easy way to implement a call-to-action.
  • Display Banners – Display banners are the best way to ensure your brand stays top of mind and consumers and businesses can access your latest offers with a single click.
  • Social Media Amplification – BusinessTech’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are used to amplify the reach of the advertising campaigns run on the site, providing great results.

“The big growth in advertising clients and campaigns BusinessTech has seen over the past six months is testament to the results we deliver,” said BusinessTech MD Kevin Lancaster.

“With more companies now using digital as their primary advertising channel, due to its unmatched ROI, we expect this growth to continue well into 2021.”

Lancaster added they are also expecting a big online push from companies to promote their Black Friday sales.

“There is a lot of pent up demand in the market for good deals and South Africans will no doubt be online hunting for maximum savings.”

This article was published in partnership with BusinessTech.

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Big growth in advertising on BusinessTech