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Mindbourne – The ultimate online solution for maths teachers

Leading South African maths author and educator Mark Phillips and his talented team of Mindbourne co-authors, translators, and videographers have developed a brand-new series of Advanced Programme and Core Mathematics textbooks and resources for local schools and educators.

This aligns with the mission of Mindbourne, which is to provide as many schools as possible with world-class educational resources that are directly in line with international trends in education.

Mindbourne’s solutions are therefore perfect for online learning and can play a major role in the future of education.

“In a way, Mindbourne resources serve as a stepping-stone from the old ways of teaching to a whole new world of techno education,” said Phillips.

Mindbourne’s textbooks and video portal

Mindbourne’s textbooks are suitable across every curriculum in South Africa – including the Department of Basic Education (DBE) syllabus and the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) syllabus for private schools.

The textbooks focus on differentiated learning, alternative methods of problem solving, and conceptual understanding – rather than the rote learning of concepts and formulae.

“We also have international trends like dynamic geometry, and the Singapore methods,” said Phillips.

“The most amazing thing about Mindbourne is that all those age-old educational theories dating from Plato right up to the modern theories of Bruner can now be realised through the magic of the Mindbourne experience.”

Alongside its fantastic textbooks, Mindbourne has multiple digital resources that are ideal for learners and teachers alike.

For example, the Mindbourne Video Portal is unique in that all examples in the Mindbourne textbooks are also available as video lessons on the portal.

Teachers get access to a control facility which allows them to determine which learners can access which videos.

Another great resource is the Mindbourne Teacher Resource Portal, which will soon be populated with supplementary notes, assignments, and original test and exam questions.

These resources simplify the process teachers face when it comes to setting their assessments.

Teacher training videos are also available to deal with difficult concepts like probability, geometry, and financial mathematics.

Online workshops

Additionally, Mindbourne offers SACE (South African Council for Educators) accredited online workshops.

These workshops allow teachers to earn their SACE points from the comfort of their own homes.

“At Mindbourne we are passionate about education, and I urge you to look at what we have on offer,” said Phillips.

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Mindbourne – The ultimate online solution for maths teachers