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Why companies advertise on BusinessTech

BusinessTech has seen strong growth in the number of companies booking advertising campaigns with it in 2021.

There are three main reasons why companies continually advertise on BusinessTech:

  • Our clients need to reach their target market using a trusted and reputable online platform.
  • Their advertising and marketing campaigns must deliver excellent results.
  • BusinessTech’s marketing team prides itself on delivering a top-class client service.

As the the largest and most influential business news website in South Africa – read by 7 million South Africans each month – BusinessTech’s clients reach their target market every time.

This is because the majority of BusinessTech’s audience consists of C-level executives, business owners, company directors, managers, and professionals.

Furthermore, the majority of BusinessTech’s readers are decision makers in their households.

Over 2 million BusinessTech readers are the primary purchasing decision maker in their home, while 2.9 million readers are the joint decision maker in their home.

Great results and service

BusinessTech’s large and influential reach is augmented by the fact that online advertising provides the best return on investment in South Africa.

Online advertising easily outperforms TV, radio, billboard, cinema, and print advertising channels in the country.

This helps ensure that advertising campaigns on BusinessTech deliver strong results, and makes it easy for companies to allocate more marketing spend.

Additionally, BusinessTech’s marketing team prides itself on delivering a first-class service to clients.

“The strong growth in the number of marketing campaigns we are running is thanks to the hard work we put in at BusinessTech to give our clients the best experience possible,” said Broad Media MD Kevin Lancaster.

“Strong results and excellent client service are key, and we focus on this every day.”

To find out more about advertising on BusinessTech, vist the Advertising page.

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Why companies advertise on BusinessTech