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Is your car holiday ready?

If you’re planning to hit the road with family or friends for a well-deserved break, ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive, no matter the distance, is of utmost importance.  Here’s what you need to consider before starting your journey.

There’s nothing great about smooth tyres

Driving with worn or damaged tyres can significantly increase your odds of having an accident. Of all the different parts of your vehicle, tyres have direct contact with the road you’re travelling on.

The quality of your car’s tyres and the grip that they provide makes all the difference when it comes to making sure that your journey is as safe as possible.

Your car’s tyres need to:

  • Provide adequate traction and braking force
  • Support the weight of your car
  • Absorb road shocks
  • Support directional steering.

Common problems to look out for when assessing your car’s tyres:

1.Worn tyres

  • Check the edges of your tyres and look out for worn out areas and insufficient tread. Tyres typically wear thin at the edges when they are too soft or have been under-inflated.
  • If your tyres are worn on one side, this could mean that your car’s wheels may need to be realigned.
  • If your tyres have worn near the centre, this could indicate that they have perhaps been over-inflated.

2. Tyre pressure

  • When the pressure in tyres is not optimal, there could be an air leak or puncture. These need to be attended to by vehicle garage professionals to assess whether a sufficient repair can be made.

3. Irregularities

  • If you notice any patches of unevenness or bald spots on your tyres, it is likely that your shock absorbers or wheel balance needs to be assessed. Bulging tyres must be replaced for optimum driving safety.

Read more about when, why, and how to change a tyre.

A complete all-round check with Tiger Wheel & Tyre

Discovery Insure Vitality Drive clients have the benefit of being able to visit their nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre for an Annual MultiPoint check.

The assessment ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy and ready for your next journey.

Specialists will assess your car’s steering wheel, headlights, hooter, tyres, indicators, shocks, windscreen wipers and seatbelts.

The assessment will also determine the overall condition of your car and cross-check for any irregularities or missing parts.

Not only are you making sure your car is safe to drive, you also increase your fuel rewards and earn Vitality Drive points.

Read more about the assessment, fuel rewards and points you can earn.

Need new tyres? Fund a portion of your new tyres with your Insure Funder Account

Depending on your Vitality Drive status, you can fund up to 100% of your new tyres purchased at Tiger Wheel & Tyre using your Insure Funder Account.

Your Insure Funder Account is a designated account where you can have your fuel rewards doubled by having them paid into it.

This account will accumulate rewards over time and you will then be able to use this amount to fund up to 100% of the invoice amount of your new tyres.

You also qualify for up to 20% off Tiger Wheel & Tyre purchases, depending on your Vitality Drive status, making your new tyres even more affordable.

Learn more about the Tiger Wheel & Tyre rewards benefit.

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Is your car holiday ready?