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Veritas Ransomware Resiliency Research for South Africa – Download now

Veritas Technologies, which is partnered with Nexio in South Africa, has published its white paper titled “Ransomware Resiliency with the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform”.

This whitepaper details research conducted by Wakefield Research and commissioned by Veritas Technologies.

It investigates how resiliency planning has failed to keep up with digital transformation, particularly in the context of how digital transformation has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The research stated that while enterprises have found digital platforms like the cloud easy to adopt, it has been far more difficult to implement resiliency on these platforms.

It is therefore important that South African enterprises work with IT solutions providers like Nexio who can offer them comprehensive business resiliency in the form of Veritas’s range of products.

More complexity, less resiliency

The research shows that enterprises have adopted more cloud platforms, which in turn has added to their IT complexity.

The average South African enterprises is using eight different cloud services, and the most common way to store data and host applications is an equal mix of on-premises and public cloud platforms.

As a result of this complexity, 81% of South African respondents in the research believe their enterprise’s security measures are not sufficient.

Over half of South African respondents also believe it would take their enterprises at least five days to fully recover from a ransomware attack, while 9% (the most of any country surveyed) believed they wouldn’t be able to fully recover at all.

Additionally, only 11% of South African companies have the recommended three copies of their data – including at least one offsite and offline.

Are you one of these companies? Contact Nexio to learn how to change this.


The research ultimately concludes that South African enterprises were some of the least capable in the EMEA region when it comes to their resilience against ransomware attacks.

It is therefore imperative these businesses make resiliency a top priority.

Veritas provides the following recommendations:

  • End-to-end strategy review – Review your resiliency strategy to ensure that it is predictable and based on real-time visibility, monitoring, and recovery automation.
  • More robust backup – Enterprises should follow a “3-2-1” backup approach: At least 3 copies of their data in 2 disparate locations, with at least 1 offsite.
  • More frequent disaster recovery rehearsals – Enterprises should test their data recovery plan once a month. Conducting fewer rehearsals risks having a site fail when needed.
  • Frequent security updates – IT teams should stay up-to-date with security patches and new releases.
  • Data encryption – Implement in-transit encryption to protect data from being compromised on their networks.
  • Immutable storage – Use immutable and indelible storage technology to prevent ransomware from encrypting or deleting backups.
  • Access management – Implement role-based access control and limit access when possible.

All of this is available through Veritas’s range of products and services, which you can get from Nexio in South Africa.

Nexio is a digital systems aggregator that makes it easy to access a range of leading next-gen business technologies that will help you navigate, innovate, and adapt in an evolving market.

Click here to contact Nexio about Veritas’s business resiliency products.

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Veritas Ransomware Resiliency Research for South Africa – Download now