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South Africa’s best mobile app development company

South Africa’s top smartphone app development company, Codehesion, is growing its development team to keep up with the demand for new smartphone apps.

Codehesion has recently moved new offices in Southdowns to accommodate its rapid growth over the last year. This office is already nearing capacity.

Speaking to MyBroadband about their rapid growth, Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers said the change in the way people work means many companies need mobile apps.

“Digital transformation has gained momentum during the lockdown, and many companies are now building smartphone apps to support their operations,” said Beyers.

He said most businesses see a mobile app as a necessity because consumers are demanding app-based services from them.

“Unless a business has its own app on their clients’ smartphone home screens, they stand to lose out to their competitors,” said Beyers.

Businesses that have mobile apps are showing improved customer relations and much higher client loyalty.

Biggest demand

He said the biggest demand is for customer-facing smartphone apps, but it is not the only value smartphone apps offer.

Many companies are also investing in apps to improve their operational efficiency and increase staff productivity.

These apps are particularly valuable for companies whose staff members are not in the office, like remote workers and salespeople.

These applications make it easy to implement secure communications, company alerts, and location-based task tracking.

An app can also automate many tasks which previously needed hours of work from employees. It includes completing task sheets and tracking travelling for work.

Beyers said he expects Codehesion’s growth to continue as more companies invest in smartphone apps.

“Having a mobile app for your business is no longer optional. Unless your clients can access your services through their smartphone, you are losing out on business,” he said.

More information about Codehesion is available here.

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South Africa’s best mobile app development company