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5 top tips when choosing an ERP system

Having the right ERP solution is crucial to the success of your organisation.

It is therefore crucial that you think strategically when choosing which ERP your organisation will use.

In its informative “Thinking about ERP” whitepaper, SYSPRO outlines the five key strategic considerations you should follow during the ERP selection phase – detailed below.

Decision-making authorities

Key to selecting the right ERP is determining who will be involved in the selection process.

You should consider forming an internal committee that is chaired by an executive decision-maker.

This will make sure that there is structure to your selection process and will make it easier to get input from the different departments within your organisation.

This decision-maker will be the one to sign off on the decision, and will ensure that the process runs smoothly.

User buy-in

It is not enough to choose an ERP that you believe suits your business – your employees must also be willing and able to make use of this system.

Your IT employees and representatives from other areas of your business must be included in the process – as it is these representatives who best understand what their teams will and won’t be willing and able to use.

Clarify your requirements

There are several models and techniques that can guide the required business process modelling and will allow you to develop a business process blueprint.

This blueprint will make it far easier to see what your business requires out of its ERP, and will include both current processes and those that you plan on introducing alongside the ERP.

Clear policies and guidelines

It is important to understand where your business can adjust its processes to fit its ERP, and where the ERP must be customised to fit your business.

Understanding where these points of leeway exist makes it easier to decide which ERP offers your organisation optimal functionality.

Structured selection process

Finally, it is time to analyse all the ERP solutions available to your organisation.

It is important that you abide by the structures you have set out for this process, as being distracted by features that sound good – but are not necessary to your business – can taint the ERP selection process.

Alongside the predetermined functionality needs of your organisation, you should keep cost at the top of your mind – in terms of acquisition, implementation, and running the system.

Learn more from SYSPRO

These five considerations are key to a successful ERP selection process, but there is much more to understand within each of these categories.

This is why SYSPRO has published a detailed whitepaper that breaks down the entire process of picking an ERP.

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5 top tips when choosing an ERP system