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How OpenText Privacy Management automates your data subject access requests

All South African businesses must abide by POPIA regulations to protect the data they have and to avoid major fines.

As part of POPIA, customers are able to submit data subject access requests (DSARs) to you, which let them know what information of theirs you possess.

Gartner research shows that organisations spend $1,406 per subject access request on average, and most of these requests take a week to be processed and executed.

There are many other challenges that you will face when processing a DSAR, too, including going through paper records, redaction, and finding data across a plethora of business devices.

To take care of this challenge, OpenText has built a tool that makes access requests quick and easy.

This tool is OpenText Privacy Management, and it uses process automation to optimise the DSAR process – including data digitisation, file discovery and collection, automated redaction, and secure sharing.

OpenText Privacy Management demo

OpenText Lead Solution Architect Gino Vicari and Global Industry Strategist Andy Teichholz recently hosted a presentation that showcased the power of OpenText Privacy Management.

Teichholz highlights the struggles that organisations are facing when trying to operate under data privacy regulations like GDPR and POPIA, while Vicari walks you through a demo that shows how OpenText Privacy Management solves these challenges using process automation.

He discusses how OpenText Privacy Management makes it easy to scan paper documents, as well as how the tool simplifies file discovery and collection across all of your devices.

Vicari then shows you how the OpenText Privacy Management tool can automatically detect and redact information that is business-sensitive.

Even the DSAR response is automated through OpenText Core Share, which is a secure cloud-based content management system run by OpenText.

The requester will receive a password – either via email or through another preferred medium – that allows them to access the DSAR response securely.

Watch the webinar

OpenText Privacy Management is the perfect tool for processing access requests quickly, cheaply, and securely.

If your organisation is suffering under the weight of time-consuming DSARs, watch this demo to see how OpenText Privacy Management can help.

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How OpenText Privacy Management automates your data subject access requests