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Huawei and Mustek bring elite cloud services to South African businesses

Huawei is a global leader in technology products and solutions, and is trusted by thousands of businesses across the world.

It spent a remarkable $23 billion on research and development in 2020, and this spending is why Huawei is always a step ahead of its competition.

Its partners, particularly local partner Mustek, can therefore offer resellers amazing services at competitive prices which are hard to beat.

Cloud is the future

One of the most popular Huawei products among local resellers is Huawei Cloud.

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the uptake and scale of cloud solutions exponentially, and was a great test of cloud capabilities.

Huawei Cloud passed this test with flying colours, and while certain organisations simply used cloud as a short-term solution, smart businesses have taken this opportunity to implement changes that will vastly improve their operations.

“This period has influenced technology leaders’ opinions of what a ‘new normal’ can look like for their organization,” said Donna Mostert, Huawei Line of Business Manager at Mustek.

“The fear factor around cloud has broken down and, based on their own experiences, has given a fresh perspective on its place as a strategic technology.”

Huawei-Mustek partnership

Mustek has partnered with Huawei to make it easy for South African businesses to access Huawei Cloud services.

Huawei also continues to increase its investment in South Africa and is opening a second availability zone in the country that will provide more access to cloud services across Africa.

Mustek is the preferred Huawei Cloud distributor of many South African businesses, who enjoy the major benefits of the Huawei-Mustek partnership

Mustek’s partnership with Huawei also means it is the only organisation that delivers local Huawei Cloud training through its Mecer Inter-Ed academy – which boasts highly-skilled and certified lecturers and powerful educational tools.

Michael Langeveld – Vice President, Huawei Cloud Southern Africa – said Mustek is a strategic partner in South Africa.

“Mustek as a distribution partner has a significant range of highly-skilled engineers, pre-sales experts, and sales executives which can assist you with the correct technical know-how to scope out the SOW [Statement of Work],” he said.

“They help onboard the reseller, provide training, help with configurations, quoting, access to events and training.”

He said that Mustek also provides great marketing services to resellers.

“Everything they require is made available to help them learn, grow, and promote their business. It is an essential, integral part of the eco system.”

To find out more, Contact Mustek on:

[email protected]

011 237 1000

You can also find out more from Mustek about becoming a reseller by completing the form below.

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Huawei and Mustek bring elite cloud services to South African businesses