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OUTsurance life cover – no need for medical tests

So, you’ve decided. It’s finally time to protect yourself and your family with life insurance.

Or, maybe, it’s time to shop around for a better life insurance deal than you already have.

Trouble is, now you have to go for that dreaded medical exam. The thought of waiting rooms, doctors and, worst of all, SYRINGES fills you with dread.

Who even has the time, right?

Well, with OUTsurance, qualifying clients can now skip the life insurance medicals and blood tests entirely – for policies up to R3 million.

That means you can be covered straight after a short phone call with one of OUTsurance’s friendly agents.

None of the hassle and none of the stress, just quality life insurance you can trust.

What does OUTsurance’s life insurance give me?

In short, long-term financial stability for your loved ones when you pass away.

You select your beneficiary/ies, who will receive a lump sum pay out after you pass on, which they can use for whatever they need – from education to on-going living expenses.

Plus, because it’s OUTsurance, you can expect even more:

  • Value for money

The premium you pay is based on your specific risk factors.

So, if you’re a low-risk client, you’ll pay much less than someone who is a higher risk.

  • Five-year premium guarantee

OUTsurance will guarantee your premium for the first five years, no matter what happens, helping you manage your finances easily.

Subject to an average increase of 6% per annum.

  • Flexible cover

You can choose to keep your premium and your cover fixed.

Or, if you wish, you can increase your cover and premium on an annual basis.

  • Peace of mind when it’s claim time

Trust OUTsurance to treat your beneficiaries with the compassion they deserve when you pass away.

Want life cover with no medical exams? Speak to OUTsurance today!

If you have loved ones who count on you for financial support, you need life insurance.

Complete the form below to get life cover from OUTsurance, and you could be covered in no time.

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OUTsurance life cover – no need for medical tests