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Are you ready to outsmart cybercriminals?

 ·5 Nov 2021

The threat of data loss, data breaches and ransomware is on the minds of everyone, from the CEO and CISO, to the IT Department, as every organization is responsible for ensuring that their organizations data remains private and secure.

As the war against cyberattacks rages on and attackers switch their focus from encryption to extortion, it’s clear that existing cybersecurity techniques are no longer effective in securing that data.

This is evidenced by the number of attacks reported almost daily, the unprecedented level of data breaches, and the rise in successful ransomware attacks involving double and even triple extortion.

Understanding the importance of anti data exfiltration is critical in understanding how these attacks can be detected and prevented.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you secure the fortress, or how high you build the walls, the attackers are going to get in, or, they already are.

Despite 80% of organizations using up to 10 cybersecurity solutions, many are still vulnerable to cyberattacks as they rely on outdated approaches such as antivirus software and firewalls to protect them.

The volume of successful attacks we see today tells us that if a hacker wants to get in to a device or network, they will, so the focus must be on preventing the exfiltration of company data.

It’s all About the Data

The goal of any attack is to steal information for competitive, disruptive or monetary gain. An attacker infiltrating a network or a device in and of itself does not make a successful cyberattack.

An attack is only successful if unauthorized data is stolen or removed from a device or network. No exfiltration of data = no data loss, no data breach and no data being held to ransom.

So how can organizations prevent unauthorized data exfiltration? At face value it seems simple, and actually with the right technology it can be.

A New Paradigm

Preventing cyberattacks and maintaining data privacy requires a new way of thinking.

To stay ahead of cybercriminals, CISO’s have to change the way they think about data security.

The traditional defensive approach simply isn’t enough.  It is well known that 80% of successful attacks bypass existing systems, despite the best efforts of IT departments.

In fact, recent research from BlackFog has discovered many attacks now disable existing security services before even mounting an attack.

New approaches focus on prevention by using behavioural profiling to stop the attack at different stages of its lifecycle using  data  exfiltration.

For an attack to be successful, a hacker needs to communicate with an external server, for key exchange, payload download or simply to remove data.

By blocking this exfiltration you significantly mitigate the risk of a cyberattack or data breach.

This approach allows the CISO to move from a defensive to proactive approach, regaining control and neutralizing the attack, a welcome reversal of roles.

By looking at the problem from a new perspective and using the right tools, CISO’s and their security teams can out manoeuvre cybercriminals to ensure they aren’t named and shamed in the next cyberattack headline.

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