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Why South African businesses are switching to Apple Macs

Apple Macs are the best computers for South African businesses and they’re easy to integrate into your organization.

They offer fantastic performance and compatibility with all the applications your employees use for work, which is why many South African companies are making the switch to Apple Macs.

We find out more about the benefits of moving your company onto Apple Macs, below.


One of the concerns many businesses have is that if they equip their teams with Macs, they will not be able to run all of the programs they currently use.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Apple Macs can run macOS or Windows – and support all the programs you currently use on either of these platforms.

For example: if you currently use Microsoft Excel, you can either continue using Excel on your Mac or switch to Numbers.

You can also use an extensive range of platform-agnostic applications, including the Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Zoom, and much more.

Your employees will therefore have everything they need to perform their current tasks – but they will now be on a lightning-fast Apple Mac.


Apple has elevated its computers and laptops to the highest level thanks to its ground-breaking M1 chip, making its devices the fastest and longest-lasting in their classes.

This processor is ideal for business as it can execute complex tasks in a fraction of the time – which is crucial if you are running intensive programs.

For example: when compared to the latest models of the best-selling business laptops in its price range, the MacBook Air with Apple’s M1 chip offers the following:

  • 2x the performance in Microsoft Excel.
  • 2x the browser graphics performance.
  • 50% faster web application responsiveness.

Additionally, the M1 chip offers unparalleled energy efficiency. This allows it to support 50% longer video calls on a single charge.

It can achieve this because the M1 chip was built from the ground up to provide the best possible combination of performance and energy efficiency in a business device.

Equip your team

iStore Business is the leading supplier of Apple computers to South African organisations.

They offer unmatched pricing, including business rental deals that begin at just R535 per month on a 36-month contract.

You can also trade-in your current PC and get R4,000 back – guaranteed!

If you’re not sure about Apple’s Mac computers, you can take advantage of iStore Business’s Buy and Try option, where you can use a Mac computer for a period and then either keep it or return it for a full refund.

iStore Business has a deal that suits your business – so contact them today to learn more.

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Why South African businesses are switching to Apple Macs