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4 ways IoT integration improves your ERP

ERP solutions are essential for streamlining manufacturing and business processes, and can be further enhanced through integration with the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT devices monitor activities to provide your ERP system with richer functionality through simplified data transmission, additional data for analysis, more actionable insights, and many other benefits.

Below we highlight four key ways your organisation’s ERP can benefit from IoT integration.

1. Real-time actionable insights

IoT devices feed real-time data into your ERP system that allows you to identify patterns and detect issues before they arise.

For example: environmental sensors that measure temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, and sound can be used in real-time to protect your machinery from overheating or your employees from air quality issues.

These real-time data insights also ensure you can optimise your processes to avoid these issues moving forward.

2. Streamline operations

IoT devices that are integrated into your ERP system can automate many of your manual processes to streamline your operations.

IoT devices such as RFID chips and sensors can automatically track your inventory and notify you through your ERP system of stock shortages before you run out.

This and other use cases will save your company time and money by increasing efficiency across your departments – from the factory floor to the accounting department.

3. Improve client service

IoT can be used to optimise the service you provide to your clients.

You can use GPS trackers to monitor your deliveries, notify your clients of arrival times or unexpected changes, and guarantee that your warehouse is prepared to receive a shipment.

Your ERP solution can also be used to link the IoT devices in your warehouse to your e-commerce platform.

This means you can significantly improve service delivery by ensuring you always know if you have enough stock to fulfil your clients’ requirements.

4. Improved forecasting

Integrating IoT devices into your ERP system provides you with data that can be used to establish links between production and consumption. This lets you forecast your business’s needs and prepare for them.

You can also track customers’ buying habits to identify trends and predict sales, allowing you to manage changes smoothly.

SYSPRO’s IoT platform

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4 ways IoT integration improves your ERP