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Microsoft CSP solutions from Rectron – Future-proof your business in the cloud

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) solutions from Rectron are the best way to scale your business and run it efficiently during the current global economic shift.

This is because Microsoft’s data centres and services offer easy and comprehensive access to all your important business data.

Businesses that use Microsoft CSP solutions have benefited tremendously in recent years as their employees have been given the versatility and functionality to perform important tasks from anywhere and at any time.

This improves overall business productivity and leads to higher employee happiness – as their jobs are made much easier.

Another great benefit of Microsoft’s CSP solutions is that their integrated and comprehensive security tools ensure your critical business data is protected at all times.

Ransomware attacks and other malicious digital activities have put businesses at greater risk than ever before, and Microsoft’s solutions mitigate this risk substantially.

South African businesses have also experienced lower latency when using Microsoft’s CSP solutions, thanks to Microsoft’s data centres being hosted locally.

This is particularly important when businesses are reliant on real-time data transmission, and provides an overall improved user experience.

Microsoft’s three main CSP solutions, which offer the most value to South African businesses, are detailed below.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the best productivity cloud on the market – bringing together all the Microsoft Office apps you’ve come to love with a range of powerful cloud services.

This productivity suite also comes with device management tools that make it easier to monitor and control your workforce’s devices.

It includes built-in advanced security that ensures all of your important business data and processes remain protected at all times.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a solution that allows you to analyse data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents.

This lets you streamline your operations and will offer significantly improved value to your business.

Microsoft Azure

Businesses that want to be at the forefront of innovation while increasing productivity and securing your critical business data should consider migrating to a hybrid or cloud environment relevant to your organizational structure.

Microsoft Azure delivers on-demand scalability, performance, reliability, and security that will provide immense value to any modern business.

How Rectron can help

Rectron offers Microsoft solutions that power the business of the future, including the three services detailed above.

Along with the wide range of benefits they bring to your business, these solutions also provide significant savings on infrastructure costs – and you are billed monthly by Rectron at an affordable rate for usage.

Additionally, businesses will receive added support from Rectron’s specialised sales consultants and in-house Azure architects to ensure everything runs optimally.

For more information, visit Rectron’s website or contact Rectron on [email protected]

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Microsoft CSP solutions from Rectron – Future-proof your business in the cloud