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Transform your operations with flexible Enterprise Legal Management from CURA

 ·27 Jun 2022

CURA has partnered with Africa NewLaw to provide an informative and simple Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution that helps your organisation execute an optimal legal management programme efficiently and effectively.

Africa NewLaw is a leading ELM and legal operations consultancy that is equipped to transform your ELM function.

ELM has become important to businesses of late, as many face strict budgets that result in their legal teams needing to demonstrate more value. This includes increasing their agility to become more effective and efficient.

Businesses are therefore turning to ELM solutions, like the one from CURA, to improve the management of their in-house legal functions.

CURA’s ELM solution Powered by Africa NewLaw

The ELM solution is flexible and caters to the needs of any organisation.

It gives you a holistic view of all the legal requirements within your organisation – helping you improve functional performance, increase operational sustainability, and facilitate continuous organisational improvement.

Using it, you will be better equipped to deal with the legal management of your entire organisation and will manage individual aspects one at a time.

The features and benefits of the ELM solution include:

  • Digitization and technology enablement of previous manual environments.
  • Optimised legal functions and increased maturity.
  • Comprehensive view and analysis of legal data.
  • Early identification, mitigation, and reduction of legal risks.
  • Reduction in internal and external legal spend.
  • Continuous improvement.

How CURA achieves this

CURA is able to offer this comprehensive solution thanks to its partnership with Africa NewLaw.

By leveraging Africa NewLaw’s 30 years of experience, CURA can help organisations achieve their optimal legal compliance as efficiently as possible.

This partnership also enables CURA to offer an ELM solution that allows organisations to move their legal function from a “cost centre” to a “strategic enabler” through the following management and automation services:

  1. Matter management
  2. Contract management
  3. Document automation
  4. Workflow automation
  5. Legal spend management
  6. Company secretarial management
  7. Panel management
  8. Data management and analytics

About CURA

CURA is a leading global developer of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and risk-based audit software.

Its robust solutions give organisations a clear picture of their organisation risks, leading to better management and decision-making – which is why over 350 enterprise customers worldwide choose CURA.

Its ELM solutions are part of a broader GRC initiative and are available as add-on modules to its comprehensive CURA Enterprise GRC platform, or as standalone applications.

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