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iVIEW Library – Take your data governance to the next level

 ·27 Jul 2022

Leading international data and analytics consulting firm Informatec has launched its iVIEW Data Automation Framework in South Africa.

The framework takes your existing Qlik software, dashboards, tools, and applications – and enhances them in many ways.

Primarily, it simplifies the process of creating and deploying important business intelligence solutions for key role players who don’t have the deep technical knowledge to operate your Qlik applications.

The iVIEW Data Automation Framework consists of three powerful products:

  • iVIEW Dataflow – Data integration
  • iVIEW Library – Data governance
  • iVIEW Designer – Data visualization

Informatec has launched iVIEW Library in South Africa and will soon bring iVIEW Dataflow and iVIEW Designer to the country.

How iVIEW Library works

iVIEW Library functions as a single point of truth from which you can view and access all your Qlik data and applications.

This allows businesses to track their KPIs through a single platform and ensure these KPIs are measurable, actionable, and transparent. If this is not the case, iVIEW Library allows users to adjust these KPIs accordingly so that you are judging your business’s performance by the right metrics.

iVIEW Library’s global search function then streamlines this process, making it easy to access important data on demand, and the tool also uses automation to simplify many important data governance processes in the background.

All this functionality combines to give you a holistic view of your Qlik data, and the ability to access and use it through a simple standalone web application.

Why choose iVIEW Library

iVIEW Library helps businesses define and enrich their data through powerful technologies and features that are easy to use.

This will equip your key decision makers to do their jobs more effectively.

They will be able to access and modify information such as KPI definitions, descriptions, and metadata, as well as fields, variables, and much more – generating important business intelligence without needing deep technical skills.

iVIEW Library offers simple integration into your existing infrastructure, too, and this lets you share important content and KPIs with other applications almost instantly.

A bonus of iVIEW Library is that it is a safe way to experiment with new ideas. You can select data models and populate empty apps with data, master items, and definitions to test your theories.

Get iVIEW Library

iVIEW Library is the ultimate solution for businesses that want quick access to all of their Qlick data and applications through a single pane of glass.

Your KPIs will be easily visible to important role players who don’t have deep technical expertise – allowing them to make more effective business decisions.

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