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Funding successful women entrepreneurs – Inyosi and MPAMOT lead the way

 ·1 Aug 2022

This Women’s Month, Inyosi Empowerment is celebrating the significant contribution women have made in South Africa, and more specifically, the team is celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of their partners, MPAMOT.

Inyosi Empowerment, as one of the most established Enterprise and Supplier Development third-party providers in South Africa, supports black-owned small, medium, and micro enterprises throughout South Africa by providing access to capital, markets, and skills.

The relationship between Inyosi Empowerment and MPAMOT, a 100% black women-owned and led civil engineering and development consultancy began five years ago when Inyosi Empowerment entered into an enterprise development agreement with MPAMOT.

MPAMOT thereafter received fixed and working capital loans from Inyosi Empowerment.

This relationship has since flourished as Inyosi Empowerment also placed 2 YES Graduates with MPAMOT in 2021 and showcased MPAMOTs capabilities at the University of Cape Town Supplier Exhibition in 2022.

Entrepreneurial women play a key role in not only fostering economic growth, but also in creating opportunities for current and future generations of women.

Malani Padayachee-Saman, as South Africa’s first practicing black professional female civil engineer, spearheaded gender mainstreaming and disrupted the male-dominated industry when she founded MPAMOT (previously Malani Padayachee & Associates or MPA) in 1997.

Malani has distinguished herself, as a professional civil engineer, evident by the coveted industry recognition – SAICE Civil Engineer of the year award – in 2018.

In addition, as a chief executive officer, she is a formidable business leader and visionary entrepreneur.

Over the past 25 years, she continued to expand MPAMOT, to where it is one of the largest black- women- owned engineering and infrastructure development consulting firms of its size, capacity, and capability in South Africa.

MPAMOT’s portfolio includes Energy, Advisory, Infrastructure and Transport engineering solutions.

Whether you are a public entity that is looking to bridge an infrastructure gap through private investment, a lender or investor who wishes to assess risk prior to commitment, or a project sponsor/developer that is about to submit a bid or embark on the process of securing finance for a project, or planning the design and construction of infrastructure, MPAMOT can assist.

Increasingly, MPAMOT is assisting clients to navigate the everchanging environmental, social and governance (ESG) landscape and exploring ways to enhance ESG performance beyond regulatory obligations and retain a social license to operate.

MPAMOT also assists clients to navigate the just energy transition and developing a road map to address environmental, social, governance and climate change risk.

As a strategic risk, energy transition and ESG must be addressed at the board and executive level and integrated into the overarching business strategy with sound corporate governance, and ethical business practices that support sustainable development, to properly manage and mitigate environmental impacts and enhance social impacts.

Ipeleng Mkhari, as Chairperson of the MPAMOT Board, is also a trailblazer and an advocate for transformation and gender mainstreaming.

During her career as chief executive officer of Motseng Investment Holdings and Motseng Women’s Investments, she has served on various boards.

She has won numerous awards and accolades, including being named one of the Most Influential Women in Business.

Since its inception in 2012, Inyosi Empowerment has worked towards creating sustainable economic transformation by partnering with black-owned enterprise and supplier development SMME’s throughout South Africa.

Inyosi Empowerment provided loan funding in excess of R800m in over 220 deals with black-owned SMME’s across a wide variety of sectors.

Inyosi Empowerment will continue to work towards sustainable economic transformation, through the provision of funding, skills development, and access to markets.

Inyosi intends to continue supporting Malani, Ipeleng and the MPAMOT team and wishes them all the best on their exciting journey ahead.

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