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Biggest business news websites in South Africa

 ·11 Aug 2022

The IAB South Africa and Narratiive’s online audience traffic figures for July 2022 show that BusinessTech continues to be the largest business publication in the country.

The IAB South Africa and Narratiive provide accurate readership and demographics statistics for the country’s top news websites.

BusinessTech ranked first in the business category, cementing its place as the largest business news website in the country, with 5.9 million unique South African readers.

Biggest business websites

The graphic below shows the biggest online business publications in South Africa.

BusinessTech’s audience

BusinessTech is the largest and most influential business publication in South Africa.

It is read by C-level executives, business owners, company directors, managers, and professionals every day – and plays a key role in the business and personal lives of these readers.

On a monthly basis, BusinessTech’s readers include:

  • CEO/Director – 131,000
  • Business Owner – 856,000
  • Senior Management – 712,000
  • Middle Management – 1,331,000
  • Junior Management – 1,085,000

These readers are highly influential in the companies they work for, and are responsible for a range of strategic and purchasing decisions.

BusinessTech’s readers are also extremely influential in their homes, with many the primary purchasing decision maker in their household.

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