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Fixer – Where South Africans find jobs and companies recruit top talent

 ·8 Aug 2022

If your company is looking to recruit for freelance positions, remote work opportunities, and full-time careers, then Fixer is your platform.

Fixer takes the hassle out of recruiting by providing a comprehensive online platform that allows companies access anytime and anywhere through a browser or smartphone app.

Click here to begin job searching or recruiting with Fixer.

Likewise, for individuals, Fixer allows talented South Africans to quickly and easily find jobs that suit their skillsets and working requirements.

Fixer for companies

Founded by Ian van Heerden in 2020, Fixer is an online portal that connects South African job seekers with companies looking for top talent.

“Fixer makes it easy for job seekers to load individual CVs, education, and experiences onto its platform, and our team vets these.” said van Heerden.

The above allows your company to browse the best candidates across South Africa and recruit suitable matches in record time.

All you have to do to use the Fixer platform is register your company, and you can immediately start hiring highly skilled South Africans from any industry.

The Fixer platform also allows you to post vacancies and leverage its intelligent algorithms to match your job posts with the required talent.

There are a variety of other valuable features available through Fixer, and for just R269 per month, your company can:

  • Post, freelance, full-time and remote jobs
  • Post advertisements
  • Post services
  • Access webinars and articles
  • Receive HR advice
  • Apply for services
  • Access service requests

Fixer for job seekers

Fixer also gives talented South Africans a platform to connect with companies seeking their unique skills.

“We allow you to market yourself to South Africa’s best companies and start a new, fulfilling job as soon as possible,” said van Heerden.

If you’re looking for part-time or remote positions, you can use Fixer to find these opportunities and work for multiple big corporates – which is vital to improving your CV.

The per-hour employment opportunities on Fixer allow you to earn more money than most full-time positions while ensuring you have complete flexibility.

All you need to do is sign up for only R99 per month or start with a free trial.

Professional services

In addition to traditional recruitment, Fixer provides companies and individuals access to a long list of professional services – including music teachers, personal trainers, graphic designers, accountants, lawyers, bartenders, and restaurant staff.

Supporting you in the best way to get your new SMB off the ground, as it allows you to reduce your overheads by hiring services only for the exact time you need them.

Securing payment with Pay-by-Fixer, you will not be left out of pocket and spend valuable time following up on outstanding payments.

With our professional service, your one-person show can become a powerful 10-person army without you having to hire ten full-time employees.

Click here to begin job searching or recruiting with Fixer.

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