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BITM’s offensive cyber security solutions – Test if your business is secure

 ·18 Aug 2022

BITM’s offensive cyber security services are the best way to actively test your business’s defences to ensure you are protected against cyber threats.

These services are packaged into the following three categories:

  • Adversary Simulation
  • Defence Preparedness
  • Standard Penetration Testing

We unpack these cyber security solutions below.

Adversary Simulation

Adversary simulation uses real-world tools, techniques, and procedures from known threat actors to simulate attacks on your organisation.

The simulation uses an “attacker” who will attempt to gain access to your organisation’s data, allowing BITM to identify any weak areas in your system.

To ensure your business is thoroughly examined, BITM uses Red Teaming – a form of adversary simulation that removes the rigid methodology traditionally used with penetration testing.

Red Teaming instead focuses on goals and scenarios that can highlight new attack paths and techniques that penetration testing may miss.

Red Teaming is also one of the best ways to train your defensive security operators (Blue Team) by launching focused attacks using realistic goals and scenarios that test your Blue Team’s response and teaches them what these attacks look like.

To cater to different maturity levels, BITM employs multiple types of Red Teaming adversary simulation assessments to ensure the best security for your network.

Defence Preparedness

BITM uses defence preparedness to assess and improve your organisation’s protection, detection, and response capabilities.

BITM’s defence preparedness assessments are more rigorous than attack simulations.

These assessments use purple teaming to measure and enhance an organisation’s defence.

Purple Teaming is a form of testing where the internal blue team works alongside the BITM team whilst the assessment is performed.

BITM offers an Initial Access Susceptibility Assessment focusing on the steps malicious actors use to gain entry to your company network.

This includes testing a wide range of potential access points, such as email security, domain hijacking, and malware delivery.

BITM also offers a complete Purple Team assessment, which follows the entire process used by malicious actors’ to achieve their objectives.

To complete this assessment, BITM uses the MITRE ATT&CK framework and threat intel from websites such as vxunderground – the largest collection of malware source code.

Standard Penetration Testing

BITM recently achieved its CREST accreditation for penetration testing, thanks to it meeting the highest level of security standards.

BITM’s penetration testing process includes conducting research, identifying vulnerabilities, exploiting weaknesses, reporting findings, and providing advice to enable its clients to fix and prioritise security issues.

It offers both standard and RAPID penetration testing – with the latter comprising five key focuses:

1. Reconnaissance and asset discovery
2. Attack planning
3. Penetration and validation
4. Inspect and inform
5. Deliver and report

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