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Maximise tourism success with Sho’t Left Travel Week

 ·26 Aug 2022

More than 10 million South Africans travel locally every year.

However, those numbers are in decline as people feel the pinch of economic crisis and a post-pandemic landscape that hasn’t exactly been conducive to tourism success.

But South Africa’s tourism industry has the power to spark a passion for travel by offering South Africans affordable, accessible, and awe-inspiring travel deals.

Enter Sho’t Left Travel Week, an opportunity for South Africa’s tourism industry to reinvigorate our tourism sector with exclusive and unbeatable travel deals.

Running from 5 to 11 September 2022, this great South African sale hosted by Sho’t Left is open for every member of the tourism industry to upload their deals going as far as 50% off.

Trade Relations Manager for South Africa at South African Tourism, Melanie Leloup says, “Travel Week is a powerful incentive especially for first-time travellers looking to dip their toes into new and exciting destinations and adventures.”

Travel Week aims to maximise value and return on investment for all participating members.

The initiative is backed by significant investment from South African Tourism.

The result is a powerful platform with a strategically targeted, multi-channel marketing plan to optimise exposure and generate excitement around the best local deals.

Leloup provides some tips for South Africa’s tourism trade on how to maximise this year’s travel week extravaganza.

Who can register?

Registrations are open to all trade members.

South African Tourism encourages everyone from accommodation, airlines, car rental and transfer companies to museums, activities, and experiential businesses to register their deals for this year’s Travel Week.

What is the cost to register?

Registration is absolutely free.

How many deals can you register?

Participants can register as many deals as they like.

They can also add, edit, or remove deals at any time following registration, as long as deals are finalised by 2 September 2022.

How should a deal be composed?

Pictures: Members can upload up to seven images on to a carousel for each deal.

Images should be 890×600 and we recommend that members use all seven images. The primary image should not contain logos or text. Video is also supported.

Written Content: You will need the following written content:

  • A title of 12 words or less. Hot tip: Include details of the discount in your title, as well as the number of people and number of nights. Be as specific as possible so the public knows exactly what the special entails.
  • A summary of 200 words detailing the deal’s main selling points.
  • A description of up to 1000 words. This section should include deal details, as well as other selling points, attractions, free offerings, and features.
  • GPS co-ordinates and specific location for use on Waze and the Sho’t Left map.
  • Content may be edited prior to 2 September 2022.

What to do once deals loaded?

  • Let your audiences know about the deals and encourage them to use the Waze or Sho’t Left map to access the best deals.
  • Get admin assistance at any time by emailing [email protected].
  • Members of the public can access deals through Waze, the Sho’t Left map, or by using the price, location, budget, and type filters on the Sho’t Left website.
  • Billboards and outdoor media will alert the public to even more deals.

Leloup believes this is the opportunity tourism businesses need to reignite a passion for travel in these challenging times.

“We just need the entire industry to participate and we can really kickstart the heart of the trade and the country we love so much.”

Click here and register for Travel Week 2022 today.

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