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Medihelp Medical Aid – Significant membership growth bolstered by service experience accolade

 ·8 Nov 2022

“Medihelp commenced with the enhancement of the Medihelp experience a few years ago by repositioning its brand, increasing the competitiveness of the Medihelp product range by adding benefit richness, absorbing contribution increases in 2022, and introducing two new products.

This was followed by an analysis of customer journeys to ensure an optimised and consistent Medihelp experience.

Being awarded a top three achievement ranking in the Ask Afrika Orange Index 2022® medical aids customer experience benchmark last week is a wonderful accolade to receive now, as it confirms that the team’s hard work is paying off,” says Ettie da Silva, Principal Officer of Medihelp.

The Ask Afrika Orange Index is considered the most referenced customer experience benchmark in South Africa.

“I am convinced that, as a self-administered medical aid, our direct involvement in the service needs of our customers has contributed to these results, especially considering that two of the three medical aids that received this accolade are self-administered.”

Apart from a medical aid’s products and services, experience and sustainability also play a role in providing peace of mind to members.

“We have found that 117 years’ experience grounds and guides our decision-making to sustain Medihelp amid all the challenges this industry presents.”

Over the past year, Medihelp’s membership has experienced significant organic growth, and now sits at over 204 000 beneficiaries.

Since consumers’ healthcare needs and personal circumstances differ, we’ve designed Medihelp’s product range to offer variety.

However, it is immensely important not to make decisions based solely on price when choosing a medical aid product.

While you may be saving in monthly contributions, your out-of-pocket medical expenses could potentially far exceed the saving in monthly premiums.

Your family’s health profile should thus be your first consideration.

It is also important to differentiate between medical scheme coverage and medical insurance that will not offer the same extent of cover, since it does not need to comply with the strict legislative requirements applicable to medical schemes.

It is therefore important to contact the medical scheme or speak to an accredited adviser to assess your needs and advise you on the most suitable option for your needs before making a commitment.

To assist potential members in this regard, Medihelp provides a functionality on its website where clients can request a Medihelp adviser to contact them for free accredited advice.

Medihelp’s product range offers an array of healthcare solutions:

Four vital options that provide cover for students, first-time employees, and the young and healthy seeking quality medical cover without the expensive price tag – the focus of these options are on ensuring cover in case of hospitalisation or a traumatic event, with a smaller benefit for daily medical expenses,

Three savings plans, created for young families and those who prefer the flexibility of choice that these options bring, and

Five comprehensive plans, with contributions designed for larger families and benefits for more advanced healthcare needs.

Medihelp is inspired by the Ask Afrika Orange Index rating and positive response to the changes we’ve implemented to continue improving the Medihelp experience for all its stakeholders.

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