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How your business can save money with Vanilla Payroll

 ·31 Jan 2023

As businesses grow, their operations become more complex and payroll management can burden accounting teams and management.

Fortunately, these growing companies can turn to payroll software solutions to save time and money, reduce errors, and simplify tax compliance.

Vanilla Payroll is your best option to achieve this through its affordable and user-friendly payroll solutions and services.

Its payroll solutions are designed for all business types and can easily be scaled to various-sized operations.

Why you need Vanilla Payroll

Vanilla Payroll offers everything you need in a payroll solution to simplify your operations, including a user-friendly interface that your accountants and management will appreciate.

Through this user-friendly interface, Vanilla Payroll will reduce the time staff spend on payroll management, allowing them to focus their attention on other important issues.

Vanilla Payroll is also designed to reduce errors when capturing data by only allowing valid information – like ID numbers – to be entered into the system.

This input is automatically validated to ensure accuracy, which is particularly important when filing your organisation’s taxes.

Other tax benefits of Vanilla Payroll include its SARS compliance certification, while it is also a member of the South African Payroll Association and The Payroll Group of South Africa.

It offers audit tracking, too, that records all changes to your payroll information to ensure you have a complete record for regulatory control.


All of these great features are available on the best pricing structure you can get in South Africa.

Vanilla Payroll offers a competitive edge over other solutions with its unique pay-as-you-go option that allows you to purchase payslips on a per-use basis.

It is the only solution in South Africa to offer this functionality – a testament to the company’s dedication to its customers.

If these benefits aren’t enough, you can try Vanilla Payroll for three months absolutely free, allowing you to experience the service first-hand.


Vanilla Payroll is easy to install and get started, and should you require any guidance it offers excellent support that allows you to speak directly to one of its expert consultants.

This means you can skip the usual automated telephone system and never have to wait in a queue on the phone.

Further support is offered through one-on-one training sessions that allow your company to make the most of Vanilla Payroll, and your teams can book a TeamViewer training session with one of its highly skilled payroll consultants.

To experience these incredible benefits and build a more productive workplace with Vanilla Payroll, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Call Vanilla Payroll.
  2. Request a quote.
  3. Request a demo.
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